Folks of the Feywild: A Look at New Unearthed Arcana

Personally, I love playing as new and unique types of characters in any campaign for Dungeons and Dragons. When I heard about Unearthed Arcana‘s newest addition Folks of the Feywild, I had to check it out! Folks of the Feywild introduces four new race options: Fairy, Hobgoblins of the Feywild, Owlfolk, and Rabbitfolk. Let’s take take a look at them, starting from the top with Fairy.


Fairies are small folk, but not as small as pixies or sprites. They are also considered fey. Their characteristics can be from having multicolored skin to smelling like fresh brownies. Fairies are small and have a walking speed and flight speed of 30ft. One cool thing is that they don’t need to use their wings to fly. They can also use druidcraft and faerie fire without using a spell slot but can only do it once per long rest. For those spells, you get to pick the spellcasting ability from either: Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. Also, fairies are able to fit through spaces that are 1 inch minimum.

Hobgoblins of the Feywild

Now, this is not the first time hobgoblins have been a playable race in Dungeons & Dragons. The first time (in fifth edition) was in the book Volo’s Guide to Monsters. In Folks of the Feywild, they are different, they get some nice bonuses. Hobgoblins are considered Medium sized humanoids with a walking speed of 30ft. They also get a great ability in Darkvision, which lets them see up to 60ft of dim light like it is average light and darkness as dim light. Also, thanks to their fey ancestry, they have advantage on saving throws in getting and ending the charming effect. They also can use the Help action as a bonus action equal to your proficiency bonus. At 3rd Level you can add one of three to your help action: Hospitality, Passage, and Spite. Hospitality lets you and the target of Help get temporary hit points (1d6 plus proficiency bonus). Passage lets you and who you are helping get an extra 10 feet of walking speed until the start of your next turn. Spite lets you or the person you are helping give disadvantage on the next attack roll on who they hit. They also get Fortune of the Many which means if they fail to hit, an ability check, or a saving throw, for each ally they see they get to add a plus one to it, but it has a maximum of plus five and they can use it as much as their proficiency bonus is per long rest.


Owlfolk are Small or Medium Humanoid, it is up to the player. Their walking and speed is 30 feet. Also they get darkvision which is 90ft of dim light like it is average light and darkness as dim light. They can also sense the presence of magic and be able to cast Detect Magic as a ritual. Since they have wins, if they are falling, they can make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 10) to stop falling. They also are proficient in the Stealth skill.


Rabbitfolk are Small or Medium Humanoids, it is up to the player. Their walking speed is 30 feet. One of their abilities is called Hare-Trigger, where you add your proficiency to your initiative. Next ability is called Leporine Sense, which gives them proficiency in the Perception Skill. Then there is Lucky Footwork, where when you fail a Dexterity check, you get to roll a d4 and add it. Last is Rabbit Hop which lets you roll a d12 and they jump the result in feet in a direction you want; you cannot have them Rabbit Hop if their speed is at zero

In closing, I like what new race options they added. Personally, I think the Rabbitfolk are my favorite, but they are all great possibilities. Below, is a link to Folks of the Feywild, so you can check it out for yourself.

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