New ideas enter the metaverse each day. NFT creators, artists, and photographers, all put their
ideas in the metaverse and showcase their work. Today we are going to chat all about FLIGHT
FORCE 4! But first let’s learn more about who they are and what they do!

“FF4 is a web 3 first person shooter game that will use NFTs as in game characters and items.
Users will also be able to use the NFTs in compatible metaverse platforms.”

This P2E gaming NFT is perfect for fans of Call of Duty and first person shooters. This game
has its own intense lore that fans and supporters can look forward to learning as they play this
amazing P2E. Over on their website you can check out their lore, but here is a sneak peak into
their world: “The year is 2087… 20 years earlier Earth became uninhabitable due to global
warming and nuclear war breaking out. Humans discovered 5 habitable planets in a nearby
galaxy where they successfully relocated and as separate unions began rebuilding. Until…Out
of nowhere all 5 planets were attacked simultaneously by a violent and intelligent Alien race
called the X-ions.”

Their playable 3D characters come with many benefits such as:
● Each unique NFT will be lossless [details soon]
● A first in web 3 [CENSORED] announcement coming soon!
● Weekly spot prizes
● The Defender holder Alien NFT spawn event
● In game token airdrop
● Whitelisting for token sale
● Future airdrops for in game NFTs

The designs of these NFTS are perfect for fans of Kamen Rider and Call of Duty. Their line work
and saturated colors truly make these NFTs stand out. Collectors looking to add more cartoon
styled NFTs to their gallery while being part of a P2E game need to consider checking out what
they are working on. Over on their website they also have a Road Map where they go into detail
on what they will do as they grow. This is a great opportunity to learn more about their plans.
For example they plan on creating a comic book!

They also have a Discord Server where supporters can interact with like minded people. Discord
is also a great place to stay updated on this project. They are also on social media where you
can interact with the creators, learn more about their project, and stay updated. If you are
interested in this amazing P2E Game be sure to check out all of their links. Support them today!
You will not regret it!

website: https://www.flightforce4.com/
twitter: https://twitter.com/FlightForce4
discord: https://discord.com/invite/flightforce4

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