Explore Gaming Kickstarter Projects: From Board Games to RPGs

Kickstarter is a place to support indie creators and help their dreams come true. All Ages of Geek is a platform for showcasing these indie creators and also helping others have a voice on the internet. Today, I want to spotlight some extraordinary Kickstarter campaigns that are sure to pique the interest of anyone who loves gaming, adventure, and creativity. 

Floe – Iceberg Sea Adventure Board Game

Set sail for the Iceberg Sea in Floe, an action-adventure, open-world board game inspired by classic video games. This game promises thrilling expeditions across icy landscapes, perfect for fans of strategy and exploration.

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Love, Career, and Magic – A Mythical Reality TV Party Game

Step into a world of mythical creatures, zany scenes, and chaotic character arcs. Love, Career, and Magic is a party game that’ll make your game nights legendary.

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A Guidebook of Babel – An Afterlife Adventure

Join a wacky, offbeat point n’ click adventure in A Guidebook of Babel. Experience the “BUTTERFLY EFFECT” that changes the fates of those aboard the mystical Babel.

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Dodecadonuts – Donuts for Your Dice

For the Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts who also have a sweet tooth, Dodecadonuts offers handmade wooden dice boxes shaped like delicious donuts. A delightful blend of fantasy and pastry!

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Bestiario – A Fast-Paced Tactical RPG

Dive into Bestiario, an original RPG inspired by the Persona saga and PSX classics, set in a mythological Spain filled with unseen creatures. It’s a fresh take on tactical RPGs.

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Oni Onsen – A Yaoi Bara Visual Novel

Sexy Oni in feudal Japan in Oni Onsen, a visual novel that’s for fans of anime, BL, and LGBTQ+ themes. It promises romance, and even a harem route. ALl from Y Press Games, a go to stop for your Bara games. 

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Tako no Himitsu – Ocean of Secrets

In Tako no Himitsu, play as a vibrant cast of characters and octopuses, unraveling mysteries in this 2D action RPG. Its Game Boy Advance aesthetic is a nostalgic trip.

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Artisan Story – A Fantasy Ranching Sim

Experience the joys of fantasy farming and ranching in Artisan Story. Inspired by Rune Factory, Pokemon, and the Atelier series, it’s a dream come true for simulation game lovers.

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Supporting these creators not only brings these visions to life but also enriches the landscape of indie gaming and storytelling. Dive in and discover your next favorite game or adventure! And feel good about it too as you support these dreams.

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