Dragon Ball Episode 3 Review: “The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi”

Hey, Ryder back with a recap of Dragon Ball Episode 3, “The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi.” We’re hitting the beach this time, but first, Goku’s gotta deal with a Bear Thief who’s after Turtle. This is Goku’s first real battle, and he nails it, showing he’s not just fast and strong but also a force to be reckoned with. After the scrap, Goku and Bulma finally get Turtle back to the sea, where he promises them a gift for their troubles.

Enter Master Roshi and the Magical Flying Nimbus

Turtle returns with none other than Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit himself. This old guy’s got style and a magical gift for Goku – the Flying Nimbus, a cloud that only the pure of heart can ride. Roshi tries and fails to hop on, but Goku? He’s soaring in seconds.

Pilaf’s Misadventures and Roshi’s Dragon Ball

Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf and his minions are eyeing Master Roshi’s island for a Dragon Ball. Their efforts to sneak in are hilariously botched, but it’s classic Pilaf. Back on the beach, Bulma’s not one to be left out. She wants a gift too, and her eyes are set on Roshi’s Dragon Ball. After a questionable exchange involving her unknowingly flashing Roshi (thanks to Goku’s earlier antics), Bulma scores her fourth Dragon Ball.

Bulma’s Shock and Nimbus Exclusivity

The episode wraps up with Bulma discovering her missing panties and furiously blasting Goku for his morning mischief. She tries to hop on the Nimbus but ends up face-planting – turns out, she’s not as pure-hearted as Goku. 

Major Events and a Crocodile with Shades

This episode’s packed with milestones: Goku and Bulma’s meeting with Master Roshi, Goku getting the Nimbus, and Bulma nabbing another Dragon Ball. Also, can we talk about that sunglasses-wearing crocodile chilling at Roshi’s place?

Manga vs Anime: Added Flair and Filler

The anime spices things up from the manga. We’ve got extra scenes like Pilaf’s dinner debacle and a pterodactyl cameo. The anime also tweaks some details, like the bath scene and Goku’s discovery of Bulma’s lack of underwear.

Edits and Dialogue Tweaks: Keeping It Clean

In the English dubs, they toned down the violence and the risqué bits, like Goku’s encounter with Bear Thief and Bulma’s unintended show for Roshi.

Trivia and Cameos

– Look out for Tori-Bot, Akira Toriyama’s own cameo, climbing a palm tree.

– This episode marks the first appearance of Kame House in the anime, a staple location in the Dragon Ball world.

Final Thoughts

“The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi” is a mix of action, humor, and those awkward moments that make Dragon Ball what it is. It sets up key elements for the saga and introduces one of the most iconic characters, Master Roshi. 

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