Dragon Ball Episode 2 Review: “The Emperor’s Quest”

Hey, geeks! Ryder here, diving into “The Emperor’s Quest,” the second episode of Dragon Ball. We’re in Skull Valley now, and things are getting wild. Goku and Bulma set up camp, but forget tents; Bulma’s got a capsule house. Goku, thinking it’s a monster, is mind-blown by this high-tech wizardry. Inside, we’ve got lights, TV, and Goku’s first-ever bath – which is where Bulma discovers Goku’s tail isn’t just for show.

Goku’s Tail, Bath Time, and a Wolf Encounter

Bulma’s in for more surprises when she realizes Goku’s tail is the real deal. She’s never seen anything like it, and Goku casually reveals he’s the only one he knows with a tail. Then, Goku crashes Bulma’s bubble bath, and let’s just say, Bulma is not amused. Cue shampoo bottle missiles!

Emperor Pilaf’s Dinner and a Glowing Mistake

Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf is having a grand old time torturing Shu (over some gas, no less) and enjoying a feast. Mai reports a glow in Skull Valley, so Pilaf sends his minions to investigate. Back at camp, Goku’s not digging Bulma’s food, so he heads out and runs into Shu and Mai. Thinking their plane is a bird, Goku knocks it out of the sky. The ‘glow’? Just wolf eyes in the dark.

Goku Saves the Day and Bulma’s Night Terror

Goku, thinking he’s just hunting dinner, ends up saving Shu and Mai from a pack of wolves. He brings back his catch to a screaming Bulma, who can’t handle the sight of a skinned wolf and a centipede. While Bulma brushes her teeth, she tries to chat with Goku about his parents, but our boy’s already snoozing.

Morning Shock and Turtle’s Arrival

The next morning, Goku makes a shocking discovery about Bulma (or her lack of “balls,” should I say) and panics thinking the Dragon Balls are gone. Then, he meets a lost turtle and decides to help him get home. Bulma, not keen on being left alone, follows on her motorcycle.

Major Events and More Wolf Action

This episode is where Goku and Bulma meet Turtle. Goku also has a showdown with some wolves, proving again he’s not your average kid.

Manga vs Anime: The Small Tweaks

In typical anime fashion, there are some tweaks from the manga – like the different location for Bulma’s capsule house and Goku standing further away from Bulma’s bathtub. Plus, the anime adds a few extra scenes for spice.

Edits and Censorship: Keeping It PG

In the English dubs, they cover up Goku’s nudity a bit more, and some of the more risqué scenes, like Goku discovering Bulma’s lack of “equipment,” get the axe.

Trivia and Fun Facts

– Did you catch the Arale Norimaki poster in Bulma’s Capsule House? That’s a nod to Akira Toriyama’s previous work, “Dr. Slump.”

– Bulma’s line about Goku not being from Earth in the Funimation dub is ironically prophetic, given Goku’s true origins revealed much later in the series.


“The Emperor’s Quest” blends humor, adventure, and a bit of the bizarre. It’s another step in Goku and Bulma’s journey, introducing new characters and setting up the saga’s bigger picture. 

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