Doom Patrol Season 3, Episode 9 Recap

The penultimate episode of Doom Patrol season 3, “Evil Patrol,” offers a look into what the Doom Patrol looks like now that Rita has returned, and the Flagellation is over. However, while this is great to see, as another episode with the Sisterhood would have likely been too much, this episode feels like one of the weaker episodes of the season. This is most likely due to the setup that the episode is trying to go for with the finale as opposed to being an episode that moves too much forward. That being said though, the ending does set up some exciting things for the finale so that is a major plus. I will say that the show continues delivering excellent character moments. I will say that I did specifically enjoy Vic talking to his father in this episode. It is also nice to have the Doom Patrol acting together again as we haven’t really seen that since around episode 4 or 5.

The episode opens with Laura, Rita, and Shelley hanging out in the Dada Lounge in 1917. They discuss art and how it is the only way to express oneself in a pure way. Laura and Shelley then ask Rita what her dance will be to express herself, to which Rita shows them her dance, and the three of them continue to celebrate pure expression.

Juxtaposing this scene with the present, where Rita is now confronting Madame Rouge about her lies. Rita claims that Rouge never wanted to change the world through art or expression and only cared about influencing it. Rouge responds by saying that they weren’t lies, just truths that changed over time. Rouge reveals that she wants to use the time machine to go away, but Rita reveals that she hid it. Rouge says that she belongs with the Brotherhood of Evil, but Rita reveals that Niles had disposed of the Brotherhood. Rita says that Rouge took what she wanted and that she won’t stop till she ends Rouge’s life. When Rita goes to strike Rouge, Rouge transforms into a bird and flies away, fleeing from Rita.

At Doom Manor, Larry wakes up from a dream where other Doom Patrol members ridiculed him for his relationships with his sons and how that means that he can’t take care of the space parasite. After waking up, Larry realizes that he and the space parasite can sense the emotions from each other and then claims that he will do better this time with his new “son.”

Meanwhile, Vic is talking to his father after the procedure, which he claims was painless. Silas says that everyone has had to reflect, given the Flagellation, and starts to reflect on the previous times that he had to visit Vic in the hospital. Silas reveals that the reason he couldn’t make it to Vic’s varsity game where he got injured was because he was pinned down by a security guard, who made assumptions due to Silas’ race. Silas says that when he made Vic Cyborg, he not only wanted to save Vic’s life, but also wanted to give him a suit of armor for protection from the world. Vic chastises Silas for his “solution” saying that Silas traded Vic’s humanity for a symbol. Vic then yells at Silas for not being able to embrace him after the procedure and that Silas can only think about fear. Vic walks away saying that he wants to walk the world as the man he was born to be.

In the Underground, Jane questions Kay about where the other personalities have gone, but Kay says that she’s glad they’re gone. Jane says that she wants to figure out what is happening with Kay, but Kay leaves on the train, wondering aloud if Jane understands her at all.

Rouge meanwhile, has located the Brotherhood of Evil at a retirement home, where Monsieur Mallah and The Brain are residing. Rouge informs The Brain that amnesia is a side effect of time travel and that Niles’ creations are trying to kill her. The Brain agrees to help Rouge as long as she does something for the Brotherhood first.

At Doom Manor, Cliff and Vic both return to Doom Manor, where the Doom Patrol are shocked to see the restored Vic, and Cliff asks Vic what General Tony thinks about the change. Kay informs Rita that she no longer has any powers as all of the personas are gone. Cliff and Rita are confused as to why Vic came back, to which he claims that the manor is his home, but that he doesn’t have any powers anymore. Larry, wearing a tropical shirt, tells everyone to keep it down for the “baby” and Cliff questions why everyone seems to have fixed themselves except for himself. With the Doom Patrol fully back together, however, Rita presents the group with her plan. Vic tells Rita that the group has got her back, but Cliff questions why Rita needs them. The group meeting is interrupted by Cliff’s daughter, Clara knocking at the front door with her son Rory.

After the group disperses, Kay looks around the basement at Niles’ things and wonders to Vic why no one ever wanted to talk to her, to which Vic responds that they did and that they assumed that Kay never wanted to talk. Kay reveals to Vic that the other personas never let her come up and wonders if they wanted to keep everything for themselves. Kay says that she finally feels like the person she was supposed to be, to which Vic says that Kay is a mirror of himself and that the two of them are finally in charge of themselves again. Kay asks Vic to interview her as Niles did for the other personas, to which Vic happily sets up the interview.

Upstairs, Larry finds Rita packing to go after Rouge, and Rita wishes Larry luck with the space parasite and admits that she doesn’t know how long she will be gone, but that she has a lifetime of new history and that she needs to go after Rouge. Larry and Rita’s conversation, however, causes Rita to realize something, so she goes downstairs to find Cliff.

Clara informs Cliff that she had found his Parkinson’s medications and that she didn’t want to come, but her wife Mel told her to and that she wants to take Cliff to see a doctor. Clara is trying to make an appointment with a doctor for Cliff when Rita comes in to “borrow” Cliff. Rita questions Cliff whether Clara is actually Madame Rouge and Cliff finally comes to the conclusion that everything with Clara showing up does feel too good to be true. Cliff walks back to find his grandson alone and picks him up, only to be shocked when he sees Clara walk in with his real grandson. Cliff realizes that he is holding Rouge disguised as Rory and yells for Clara to run away. Rouge then attacks the Doom Patrol, causing Kay to retreat to the Underground. When Jane sees Kay back, Jane quickly uses the train to return, only to see that Rouge has electrocuted Cliff. Rouge then teleports away with Cliff, which causes Clara to panic. Rita reassures Clara that the Doom Patrol will get Cliff back. Rita instructs Vic and Larry to find the Brotherhood and to get the bus started so they can save Cliff and Jane informs Rita that something is wrong with the Underground.

Cliff wakes up in the retirement home of the Brotherhood to see The Brain in front of him and it is shown that Cliff has his brain exposed. The Brain reveals that he wants Cliff’s body and that he was actually the person who had bought Cliff’s blueprints online. The Brain also reveals that Cliff’s body is imbued with both science and magic. Rouge then reveals that the plan is for The Brain and herself to disguise themselves as Cliff in order to destroy the Doom Patrol, but Mallah comes up and sedates Rouge, revealing that the Brotherhood has betrayed Madame Rouge.

Vic is driving the Doom Patrol to where he has found the Brotherhood to be located but argues with the rest of the group over how they don’t seem happy for him. Larry says that all the emotional toxicity from the group is upsetting his connection with the space parasite and reveals that Rita doesn’t care about saving Cliff, only stopping Madame Rouge. Rita admits that it is true and that they all feel like strangers. Jane yells at the group that they will deal with all their own problems after they rescue Cliff.

Meanwhile, in the Underground, Kay is wandering around looking for Jane but comes across a group of shadowy faces with red eyes, which scares her and causes her to retreat to her room. Her being scared, causes her to exhibit a sonic scream, which also comes out of Jane in the bus. The sonic scream then triggers Larry’s parasite causing the bus to crash.

The episode comes to an end with Rouge waking up to being wheeled away by Cliff’s robot body, which is now being controlled by The Brain. The Brain reveals that he just wants to retire in his new body and puts Rouge into a van. The Brain returns home and dances to a record, clearly enjoying being able to walk around and act like a person, then goes outside to dance with the rest of the people at the retirement home. At the same time, Monsieur Mallah takes Madame Rouge out of the van and dumps her in the woods.

With the season finale of Doom Patrol season 3, “Amends Patrol,” next week, hopefully, we will get a wrap-up on the Sisterhood and see where that group ends up, along with getting a conclusion to at least Madame Rouge’s current storyline. So, while this episode may not have been my favorite, I am still really looking forward to seeing the finale and if the show sets up what may be coming in season 4.

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