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Disability Awareness in Anime: Violet Evergarden

by: MinaRose2023

MimaRose2023 here with another Disability in Anime Article this time talking about both Violet Evergarden.

Violet Evergarden starts up with Violet being in the army as a child. She’s used as a weapon but the man in charge of her teaches her how to speak, read and write. She eventually falls in love with him but at war she loses her hands. She’s given prosthetic hands which is used to write letters for people in France before phones were invented. She is kind, strong, sweet and very gentle. I think she’s an excellent example of disability in the media.

While seeing these characters in media representing disabilities of all kinds is great and wonderful to see, remember that each of us has value even if we are represented in media or not.  We have value on who we love, parents, siblings, friends, pets, the fact we even woke up and got out of bed , cooked a meal or anything really. I write that’s my passion I may never see myself fully represented in media and while having all these other representations is great the greatest representation I have is me being alive each day. So remember weather you do see yourselves in the stories we watch or not fully see yourselves you matter , you have value , you have a heart that continues beating.

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