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We asked our Community about their OCs here is Michael Kirchner aka MultiEyedMyr OC!


A hunched figure wanders down an old path. Black rags drape his body. A shovel in his right hand, slung over his right shoulder. A plague doctor mask pokes out of his hood and goggles over his eyes glint in the moonlight. At his side hangs a lantern and a large skull, bird shaped, it was his mentor’s and was a tengu like the gravedigger himself. He walks past a jackdaw startling it. The bird caws in complaint. The gravedigger caws back and chuckles to himself.

A figure emerges from behind a tree. Unwashed, unfed, desperate. A dull and nicked short sword in a trembling hand. ‘One more robbery to turn my life around’ he thinks. One more meal.

He walks into the gravediggers path “blade” pointed at the tengu. “Your coin… Your food or your life.”

“Your coin… Your food or your life” the gravedigger mimics.

“What’s your game mister?”

“What’s your game mister?” he comes back from under his hood lowering the shovel from his shoulder.

“I’ve killed before. Last warning!” the robber shouts moving closer.

“I’ve killed before. Last warning!”

“I’m not playin…” he was cut short. The last thing he saw was the flat of a shovel, then blackness.

“Not playing…” the tengu chuckles. “One more grave for tonight it seems.” he said to the jackdaw whose eyes shine in the dark of the tree limbs. “One more” he chuckles as he drags the body into the treeline.


A tall, lanky, bi-focaled half-elven woman sits at a campfire reading a large ironbound book. A large chain hangs at one end of the tome. Her strawberry blond hair pulled up into a bun. Studded leather over a white dress that blows slightly in the wind. She hears them coming before they even enter the light of the fire. Two men, looking for trouble, and a good time.

“Oi darlin'” the first says while entering the fire’s light. “Traveling alone are you?” he smiles wide, rotting teeth showing in the camp light.

“Shhh..” she continues reading silently.

“We can protect you. Protect you real good.” the second enters the light and elbows the first jokingly. The two men, holding clubs over their shoulders, eye her up and down.

“Shhh..” she presses an index finger to her lips.

The two men look at eachother and move closer. In one swift move the woman slams her tome closed, iron latches flip and snap into place, stands up and swings the heavy iron book in an arc catching one man in the face. He wobbles for a second then collapses in a heap as the other man watches in horror. The woman looks at the second man, presses her finger to her lips, and sits back down. The man looks at his fallen companion.

“Leave him.” she says. “He is mine now.”

The man backs away and disappears into the night as the woman continues reading in the campfire light.


A young asian half-elf lady sits on a rock dangling her bare feet into a pond surrounded by trees. The cool spring air felt nice. Her armor lay neatly folded next to her along with her ancestral weapon, a nodachi. Her small frame wrapped in white linens. She sings to herself quietly as she cups water into her dark hair.

The man had been spying on her for some time now. Fancy dressed, a noble from the nearest capitol. He had gotten used to taking what he wanted in life and decided he fancied her at this moment. His white horse tied up at a nearby path. Bright red cape and silks glisten with silver inlay as he approached her from behind.

She seemily did not notice his approach as she continued to wash her hair. Feeling something sharp tap him on the shoulder, the smile that was on his face fades. Something sharp, something big grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around. The creature was large, so large the man had to look up to see its face. Large, and furry the teddy bear tore the man’s head off his body with one hand while still holding on to his arm with the other. The anthropomorphic bear dragged the man’s body into the forest and returned to the lady.

Finished bathing she stands up, smiles at her friend, and runs into his arms saying “I love you Teddy!”

“I love you too Saki.” the creature said back, giving her a big fluffy hug.


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