Biggest Naruto Group on Facebook – 1.5 Million Members and Growing Fast!

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With many Naruto Groups around the internet, one truly shines and stands out from the bunch. With over 1.5 Million members and a growing community, we took the time to interview the group’s founder on why he started one of the biggest Naruto groups on Facebook.

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1) First up when did you start Naruto? How old were you?

Around 10 years old. I remember watching it when coming home from school with my family.

2) Who is your favorite Naruto character from the first half of Naruto?

At the beginning it was Sasuke. I always thought Naruto was too goofy and didn’t like him at first until Gaara Arc where he fought him. He earned massive respect that day and since then he was slowly becoming my favorite.

3) If someone asked you about Naruto who never watched it, what would you tell them to convince them to start watching it?

Honestly I probably couldn’t make them watch it. I was never good at this. I probably would say that they would miss on amazing and emotional storyline.

4) How did Naruto impact your life?

I’d say pretty hard. I couldn’t imagine where I am now without Naruto. I became better person for sure because of it.

5) Thoughts about the Naruto manga? 6) Why did you start the Naruto Group on Facebook?

Best manga ever!!! I remember the days where I would stay late just so I can finally read it.

6) Why did you start the Naruto Group on Facebook?

I remember that one day while lying on bed and watching Naruto. I just decided it would be amazing to have my own group to show my love to the show. I was thinking of either making a page or a group but at the end, group it was. At the time there were lots of big Naruto groups, so even today I’m still surprised how fast we grew as a group. I’m really thankful!

7) Anything fun about yourself and any creative projects you are working on?

Can I say playing games? Honestly, not much really. Besides daily life stuff I just try my best to help this group shine even brighter. Group was and still is my favorite project and will continue to be. Thanks for having me!

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