Barry and the Grief Epics Experiment

Despite your views on NFTs it’s important to acknowledge the artistic views that go into creating them. NFTs have been taking over the geek culture world, day by day. All Ages of Geek has been supporting NFT creators to help bring light to the artist behind the piece and their goals. Recently we came across Barry. But who is Barry? 


“Meet Barry! Barry is not just super awesome but holding a current generation Barry also comes with some benefits.

  • Access to Grief Epics Experiment
  • 50% Solana Raffle
  • Barry Voting Rights
  • 3D printed giveaways”

Barry is the 3D model created by the community-driven project Grief Epics. And by community, we mean they do fun experiments where they allow their community to create the next epic NFT to help stylize Barry.

But how does this experiment work? How does this work? Members of the discord community take part in suggesting model updates on Barry. To keep the community active, Grief Epics plans on having an update two times every month. So the possibilities are endless! But what can you change about Barry? The community can put in votes for Barry’s stance, his color, add weapons, wings, and more. The possibilities are all up to the users as they work together with the strength of their community.

This experiment gives those who are fans of Grief Epics the possibility to create alongside them. Community members can express their creativity by updating Barry’s design. They have access to their own, branded Discord which you can find HERE. NFT owners will have full access, which includes raffles and giveaways!

If you are interested in creating an NFT alongside Grief Epics learn more HERE

“We live and breathe gaming and nerd culture, so join us in this community-based experiment where we together as a community create the most epic NFT characters.” 

Follow Grief Epics to learn more about what they have in store for Barry: 




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