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Baki Season 1 Netflix Review

Baki is the story of a now 17 year old boy striving to become strong enough to defeat his father who is the strongest creature in the world. Netflix has done an amazing job of bringing baki back to anime and continuing where the previous anime left off. So far Netflix has adapted the death row inmates arc and the raitai tournament arc which is the latest season to come out. which is the latest season to come out. To stream the season on your firestick check out the best firestick apps to enhance your streaming experience.While they do an amazing job in some parts others are a bit choppy but this isn’t an awful series by any means. Let’s get into the first season of the death row inmates arc.

The arc starts off with a basic premise: five of the most dangerous death row inmates in the world hear about a seventeen year old who is champion of the underground fights so they escape and make their way to japan to taste defeat. Baki has an encounter with each of the inmates but he isn’t the one to defeat all of them rather the other main characters that surround baki get more of a chance to shine and fight so we learn more about them and the inmates as the show goes on. Each fight is a true struggle and growth moment for each character which is backed by the music and animation but during some moves or fights they go into a different animation and it can be very jarring and sometimes unappealing, later seasons would fix this but we are discussing the first season. The writing is almost verbatim pulled from the manga and all the voice actors whether you’re watching dubbed or dubbed do an amazing job at making each character feel unique. While it isn’t perfect it is a very well done anime as well as capturing all of the violence and strange ways some characters look from the manga.

I love this series. It’s actually my second favorite besides kengan ashura so to see Netflix give it some limelight and not just cash in on it was a pleasant surprise. As I mentioned before the only jarring thing can be the animation during some fight where it changes but if you can get past that you can really enjoy the series. All of that aside I believe it’s an amazing adaptation as well as just a highly entertaining show to binge. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend going to Netflix right now and checking it out, currently, all 3 seasons are up right now, Thank you for reading and let me know what you think of Netflix’s Baki.

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