Azudo and AzudoBF Review

NFTs have been taking over the internet. Each day new creators jump into the space to showcase their work and ideas. NFTs can be photographs, digital art, traditional art, and so much more! Today we are going to chat all about Azudo and AzudoBF two amazing collections looking to jump into your gallery. We will chat about their designs, how you can support their work, and much more. But first let’s talk about who they are!

“A whole new existence of 5000 Azudo in Solana Blockchain. This collection will be essential for participating in the P2E game that we are developing.” and “0 Azudo males living in the polygon blockchain are ready to defend and protect the Azudo female in the Solana blockchain. They are undisputed gangsters and play by their own rules.” The designs of these NFTs are perfect for any collector looking to add more cartoon styled designs to their gallery. The line work and color choices these NFTs have is truly incredible, making them stand out from the crowd. Fans of anime will especially love the design choices. Each NFT has their own unique facial expressions and background, the characters are displayed with their side profile showing. Collectors can plan to have more than one Azudo and AzudoBF in their gallery!

This collection even has their own Discord Server. The Discord Server is a perfect place to interact with like minded people. There you will be able to stay updated on news, drop dates and much more. Perhaps even suggest what you want to see next with the Azudo and AzudoBF NFTs. Discord is a great place to be if you want to support their work. These amazing NFT creators are even working on a P2E game in the future. Social media and Discord is where you should stay informed about this upcoming game. 

Collectors looking to expand their gallery need to check out what Azudo and AzudoBF have going on. Not only will you be able to join a great and fast growing community you will also be in store for amazing designs. NFTs are a great way to express who you are, each NFT in this collection can represent you. Be sure to support them today. Check out all their links. You will not regret it!

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