Attack on Titan Season 4 is Here!

Attack on Titan season 4 is finally on its way! With this news, the All Ages of Geek crew is very excited to announce that we will be doing full reaction on Attack on Titan Season 4 and other videos relating to AOT.

Attack on Titan will be premiering on Crunchyroll & Funimation. You can view the Official trailer on Crunchyroll’s youtube:

There are so many new adventures fans can expect to see in season 4. For anime-only watchers be prepared! Here’s the official synopsis: “It’s been four years since the Scout Regiment reached the shoreline, and the world looks different now. Things are heating up as the fate of the Scout Regiment — and the people of Paradis — are determined at last. However, Eren is missing. Will he reappear before age-old tensions between Marleyans and Eldians result in the war of all wars?”

The Final season opening was released on the Attack on Titan Wiki Twitter page. Be sure to tag us on your thoughts about the opening theme on Twitter!

You can see All Ages of Geek’s reaction and review of the Opening Theme on our youtube!

New character designs were also shown earlier this year:

Be prepared to see new and old faces on this season with many of your characters having new designs.

We want to know what you expect to see in the Final Season of Attack on Titan. Anime only watchers what are your predictions? Manga readers what scenes can’t you wait to see animated! Tell us!

Be sure to check out all of our AOT content on our youtube!

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