Artist Ivan Jenson Review

We are back with more NFT reviews. Today we are going to review five NFTs everyone should check out by artist Ivan Jenson. Rarible is a great place for collectors to go to add NFTs to their gallery. You can find Ivans work on Rarible.

The first piece we are going to chat about is Ivan Jenson’s Doge Coin NFT. “This Ivan Jenson original painting depicts the infamous Shiba Inu dog at the center of the meme and coin we all know and love/hate.” This piece takes a play on a classic piece everyone with the internet knows about. The artistic style makes this NFT worth adding to any NFT gallery. 

Next we are chatting all about the NFT Elon Musk. “This Ivan Jenson original painting depicts the notorious entrepreneur Elon Musk, whose online presence has been at-times endearing, cringey, and sometimes impactful to the financial markets.” This NFT is truly amazing, you can see a creative use of colors and lines in this piece. The shading and light on the face makes it feel more realistic. This piece is perfect for any collector. 

This piece is titled Guy Fawkes “This Ivan Jenson original painting depicts the famed Guy Fawkes mask, popularized by the graphic novel “V For Vendetta” and its 2005 motion picture, and co-opted by internet groups and hackers using the name “Anonymous.” Their renegade, crypto-punk attitudes were foundational for the eventual creation of the blockchain and its original Bitcoin.” The strong use of blue in this NFT gives a mysterious look. This unique NFT is great for any collector looking to expand. 

The next piece is titled Dorian Nakamoto “This Ivan Jenson original painting depicts Dorian Nakamoto, the systems engineer in California whom large national media mistakenly believed was THE Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. The media interest and their failure to validate their story is quintessentially early-Crypto.” The amazing use of colors and realistic look makes this NFT perfect for those looking to collect. The brush strokes give this image a more texturized look to it!

Last but not least is the final piece is John McAfee. “This Ivan Jenson original painting depicts the late John McAfee whose larger than life persona bounced between controversy, cyber-security, cartels, and cryptocurrency.” The beauty of this piece is the unique patterns used. Although it is very abstract you can still shape out the face of John McAfee. Every collector would be lucky to claim this NFT. 

Ivan Jenson painted a story all about cryptocurrency. Each of these five unique NFTs can be added to the collection separately or together. They all match in style and theme and make a great pair for any NFT collector. Everyone should consider supporting these NFTs by clicking the link in their title. 

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