An Interview With The Saiyan Yourself Team!

We recently had an interview with one of the Founders at Saiyan Yourself. 

Saiyan Yourself creates custom Dragonball, Dragonball Z or Dragonball Super, custom digital art turning anyone into a their very own Dragonball character. They also do other Anime such as JoJo, My Hero Academia, Cowboy and more.

The process is simple, you select the type of portrait you would like, upload images of anyone you want to turn into a Dragonball character, you place your order, they draw your amazing artwork, and then you get your own HIGH-QUALITY image! 

On the website, you can also have your image printed on a canvas, poster or framed posted.

Super Saiyan can also animate your images! Be sure to check them out HERE!

1. How did Saiyan Yourself start?

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Saiyan Yourself started when one of our Founders, a Dragonball fan himself (Big Gohan fan – mostly from latter Dragonball Z arcs) decided to make me a custom Dragonball portrait, knowing that I was also a big fan. 

The portrait came out great, I used it as my desktop background, phone background and we realized that fans of Dragonball, Z, GT and Super would probably love to be transformed into their very own Saiyan, Namek or assortment of awesome villains.

Dragonball really appeals to a wide range of people whether straight anime fans, athletes, cosplayers and much more. It has a great cast, with fantastic arcs and even the bad guys come with great personalities. The themes of pushing past your limits, overcoming odds and bettering yourself really resonate with people and the awesome battles and ridiculous physiques probably help! 

I feel it has a low barrier to entry as well, perhaps not as complex as some other Anime.

The array of strong female characters is also great, despite the apparent strength of the combatants throughout Z, the female characters run the show! Once you get to Super, the roster grows with some amazing female fighters!

The AAOG Gang! Kat, Tat, & Kasai!

2. What can buyers expect when they purchase portraits from Saiyan Yourself?

We really pride ourselves on quality. We have a bunch of super talented artists who love Dragonball and that means they know what the portrait means to the customer.

They understand the personalities of characters, the stories behind them and so can transpose that into the artwork. You want the badass Vegeta look? We can do it! You want that determined battle-ready Goku expression? We got you!

We also want every customer satisfied every time, so if we haven’t translated someone’s idea perfectly, we provide free revisions so that small changes can be made until it is right. We don’t charge for these smaller changes and the customer can make as many as they wish. Most of the time it’s small things like hair colour though.

We also want the customer to see themselves in the portrait, so do our best to include things like tattoos, piercings, hairstyles, freckles or any unique features that shows the character is unique to that customer.

3.Who is your favorite Dragon Ball Character?

For me, it is Vegeta all day long.  

He has always been the funniest character. His arrogance is driven by the simple desire to be the best which isn’t a bad goal, though his methods are lacking sometimes! His character arc is also fantastic.

He has so many badass moments; Going Super Saiyan for the first time, Super Vegeta vs Cell, Majin Vegeta and the sacrifice, going nuts when Beerus slaps Bulma. There are so many!

4. What can people expect in the future from Saiyan Yourself?

We want to continue growing our position as the number one source for custom portraits for Dragonball fans. 

We do regular competitions and giveaways on our Instagram and Facebook pages so it’s worth following us!

We also do other Anime on request and are keen to grow this as a more formal part of the business. If you like Naruto, My Hero Academia, JoJo or any other, we can create you as a custom character in that style also.

Honestly, as a team of Dragonball fans, we just want to keep being able to create awesome custom work for other fans!

Be sure to check out Saiyan Yourself:


The All Ages of Geek team will be working with Saiyan Yourself! We would love to see the portraits you get from Saiyan Yourself’s shop. Be sure to tag us and Saiyan Yourself so we can see you as a Dragon Ball character! We would love to see it!


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