An Interview With The Creator Of “Sequence of Faith”

1. How long have you been creating NFTs?

I started by creating work on POD sites such as Redbubble. It was at the same time that NFTART began to be talked about more and more in Thailand. I see it as a good opportunity for the art industry in Thailand to grow. Because here artists are rarely recognized as a profession if you’re not a celebrity, but for NFTART it’s a miracle that the creator’s work can be seen and accepted. I decided to join about half a year ago (2021).

2. What inspired your work?

My inspiration is very simple. I’m not sure if you ever Sometimes question your existence. I come from a family that we are not very close to. And I don’t really feel part of them. It affects my view of myself. Until I met my partner she sees the way I am. She saw the fragility, emotional instability I had. she encouraged and pushed me to believe in my potential. I confess here that I am not a person who can draw. I’m really bad at drawing. But after you start believing in yourself You won’t be embarrassed to create your own work. You don’t need to be the best at drawing. The most advanced idea You just do what you can. do the best Don’t forget your own worth If, to sum up where the inspiration comes from it comes from faith A partner who believes in me, I believe in myself, and of course, believes in art.

3. Where can people find your NFTs?

Is this a promotional space? :)) Okay, you can find my NFTART ‘Sequence of Faith’ collection on , ‘The Pool of Soul’ collection and ‘Esthetic Art’ on, and a product featured on Redbubble as THiRTY7Studio. and on ZKEENZ as zamzibjed Follow me on Twitter and IG as zamzibjed

4. What makes your NFTs stand out?

I think that every artwork in the world is unique in its own way. But if you ask me what’s outstanding in my work, I like how easy it is, how it is exposed, how complex it is, how simple and complete it is. I’d also love to hear how you view my work :))

5. Plans for 2022?

I think I have to do this project for a while. I plan this collection with 3737 pieces. Nothing, it’s my personal favorite.

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