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On this episode of the Geekoning Will interviewed actor and comedian Mark DeCarlo all about his work. 

About Mark DeCarlo

Improv actor/host, screenwriter and best-selling author Mark DeCarlo, lives a dual life: as an award-winning TV host…and a cartoon.  

As host/ringleader on 1000+ episodes of hit TV; Studs, X ShowTaste of America, and current series; World’s Funniest Videos Top 10 and ABC’s Windy City LIVE, Mark’s improvisational skills – honed as a Founding member of The Second City Hollywood – have earned him three Emmy Awards for On Camera Host.

From pissing-off pal Steve Carell, to convincing a random tourist to pose as a fashion designer during a live remote, Mark’s interviews of the famous/infamous celebrate the odd and eccentric. His characters on “Curb your Enthusiasm,” “Tracey Takes On…,” “Seinfeld” and 2020’s “Ballbuster,” zig where most zag. That’s Mark, the human.

Mark, the cartoon, came within a Shrek of winning an Oscar starring as Hugh Neutron in Best Animated Picture nominee “Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius,” and has built a career playing energetic, off-beat and edgy cartoons characters on many series, including; Family GuyBarnyardPlanet SheenJohnny Bravo and Handy Manny. He stars in Steve Oedekirk’s series of Thumb comedies from Thumbtanic to BatThumb, and will reprise his iconic role of Black Helmet Man in the 2021 release of ThumbWars IX.

2021 also brings a new joint venture: Disrupt/0n Studios – the First & Only Real Time Motion Capture animation studio that can bring feature film quality animation to any screen – LIVE TO AIR. The first projects to come from Disrupt/0n Studios are a breakthrough comedic mobile game App and celebrity talk show, both hosted by Mark’s newest CGI alter ego: BOFFO the BEAR. Boffo premiered with an unprecedented live cartoon show at LAComicCon 2019. The animation wizard behind all the Marvel Universe films has created new technology that merges Mark’s hosting and cartoon chops to birth a new, interactive trans-media comedy star. Their proprietary MoCap animation process, for the first time ever, makes it possible for a cartoon to host a live-to-air talk show in front of a studio audience, and a daily mobile quiz game… all on a TV budget.


Mark co-wrote (with Ryan Rowe) the animated feature reboot: Pinocchio & the Water of Life (December 2021) and is producing the Asymmetric Studios Holiday release, with Nickelodeon’s Paul Marshal and director Victor Lakisov. The film features the celebrity voices of Tom Kenny, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Suzy Nakamura and Fred Tatiscore in an action packed, comedic reimagining of Carlo Collidi’s classic tale.

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