An Interview with Actor & “I Married a Monster on a Hill” Beta-Reader Clarence Causing!

1) First off introduce yourself. What is your favorite LGBTQ+ media?

Hello all! I’m Clarence and I’m from New Jersey. Some LGBTQ+ media that I follow or watch often (and can think of at the moment) is LOGO Channel. Another is GLAAD and other fundraiser charities, such as Broadway Cares and Trevor Project.

2) Why do you think it’s important for cisgender writers writing about LGBTQ+ characters to do their research before publshing any work?

What I think about the importance for cisgender writers (or any gender fluidity to their own entitlement) writing about their LGBT+ characters when doing their research and findings before publishing their works because there might be instances where it relates to either an individual’s (or reader’s) own experience with their situation or what is currently happening to today’s society and later be told to the next generations. Suppose they choose to collaborate with people from different communities. In that case, I think the stories matter because each community may have similar situations to each of one’s own or upbringings, though may have different paths to reach their ending goal.

3) “I Married a Monster on a Hill” is about Bevvy who is pansexual and August who uses they/them pronouns. The story doesn’t focus on their gender identities but more about their married life together. Do you hope to see more media focus on LGBTQ+ characters daily lives rather than making the focus about how they identify?

I hope to see some focus on media from the LGBT+ characters in daily lives, so some of the people in society (or current generation) can understand and be quickly educated about each individual’s background.

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4) What are some tips you would give any writers writing about LGBTQ+ characters? What are some mistakes you’ve seen people do over the years?

Well, there are not too many mistakes from any writers that I have noticed recently but have watched some youtube videos about LGBT+ characters in classic sitcoms, and gave some thoughts and my advice/tips to ANY writers writing about an LGBT+ character(s) is: a) give a simple background where LGBT+ character come from when introducing a character b) give the LGBT+ character(s) a good (or hopefully not bad) ending, instead of having the reader leave on a cliff hanger or disappear in thin air where the reader has to make up or create their own situation. c) Give each LGBT+ character (or ANY character) a CONSENT!!! (That is all)

5) Tell us your story and more about you! What media has helped you express yourself?

My story? More about me? MOI?! (lol) Well, it’s simple: I’m gay and catholic and that’s probably it! (lol) Medias that helped me expressed myself…well I follow the TryGuys on YouTube and some LGBT+ stream apps, such as QIYI and Gagaoolala and other BL productions from foreign countries (such as Thailand and Philippines) that I follow on YouTube.

6) As a collaborator for “I Married a Monster on a Hill” what are you looking forward to?

What I’m looking forward to on this project is meeting all other people, the collaborators and their talents to bring to this project.

7) “I Married a Monster on a Hill” will be a dubbed comic. Most of the voice over artists for the comic are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Do you think it’s important that the community is represented more in voice acting, movies, TV shows, etc.?

OF COURSE! Of course, it’s important! Where else can you find a community or someplace or someone that can REPRESENTt YOU!

8) Anything you’re working on now? What are some things you’d like to share with All Ages of Geek?

Currently, I’m not working on anything BUT have done a musical production at a community theatre couple months back of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat and I’m about to teach 7th grade Catechism at my home parish. Some things I’d like to share with AAOG… well 1) I’m currently watching some BL series (and others) at the moment (and airing this time) such as ViceVersa, P.S. I Hate You, The Eclipse and Love in the Air, and hopefully I can do a reaction video on them. 2) Hope everyone is safe! Be kind to others and love yourself, so you can share and spread the love all around

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