“All of My Heart” Hallmark Movie (2015) Review

In “All of My Heart” we’re served up a classic Hallmark recipe: a dash of inheritance, a dollop of career stress, and a sprinkle of unexpected romance. Our leading lady, a passionate caterer, finds herself thrown into the deep end when she inherits a rustic country home. But wait, there’s a catch – she has to share it with a high-flying Wall Street trader. Cue the sparks, right?

“All of my Heart” Hallmark Movie Trailer


Imagine “The Odd Couple” meets “Fixer Upper” in this heartwarming tale. Initially, the clash between our caterer and Wall Street whiz seems as smooth as mixing oil and water. But as they roll up their sleeves to renovate their shared property, they discover more than just dry rot – they find a budding connection.

The Cast

The magic trio behind the scenes! Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott shine as our leading stars, bringing their A-game to the screen with undeniable chemistry and charm. With Peter DeLuise at the helm as director, the film finds its perfect balance of heart and humor, ensuring that every scene feels like a warm embrace. Chabert and Elliott’s performances, under DeLuise’s direction, elevate “All of My Heart” from a simple rom-com to a cozy cinematic experience that’s sure to leave you with a smile. 

The chemistry between the leads is as palpable as grandma’s apple pie cooling on the windowsill. You’ll find yourself rooting for them to realize that maybe, just maybe, opposites can attract. And with every paint can opened and every renovation mishap, their journey feels as cozy as slipping into a warm sweater on a chilly day.

“All of My Heart” may follow a familiar Hallmark formula, but it’s the delightful execution that sets it apart. With its picturesque setting and charming leads, this movie serves up the perfect recipe for a cozy night in. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and let the romance unfold – because sometimes, home really is where the heart is.

“All of My Heart” is a delightful addition to the Hallmark lineup, blending heartwarming romance with a dash of renovation hijinks. It’s the perfect feel-good flick for when you need a little warmth and whimsy in your life.

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