Adam 2D Platform Adventure 

Greetings fans of mobile games! Are you looking for a new game to add to your collection? Have no fear we have the perfect game for you! Today we are going to chat all about Adam – 2D Platform Adventure!

This game can be found on Google Play and is rated E for everyone! Are you a fan of platform adventure games? Aliens? The Galaxy? If you answered yes to any of these questions please consider downloading Adam – 2D Platform Adventure! You play as Adam, a young alien from Mars! Adam enrolled in the Academy of Space Officers of the Andromeda Galaxy. You can expect to help Adam graduate by training and passing levels.

This simple to control game is perfect for anyone who loves going on crazy adventures and being immersed in games. “Go up, down, run and jump depending on the level’s challenge. Avoid obstacles, explore and find the exit to pass the levels. You can also use a defense shield to prevent some of the attacks. Can you pass all levels in this crazy-fun alien arcade 2d adventure?”

Game features include: 

– 3 lives

– time limit

– unlock doors to continue from the same spot

– 2 chapters, 26 levels total

– simple controls

– dramatic soundtrack and sound effects

– adjust the volume of the SFX, UI, and Music

– play this 2d adventure game offline free

Adam will also go through crazy obstacles. From flying orb balls and spikes to circular saws these levels have amazing challenges. You will need good reflexes to win but a challenge is what makes a game fun right? 

Help Adam on his adventure today by downloading this game on Google Play

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