A Brief Review on RWBY Volume 8: “Midnight”

Greetings fellow RWBY fans, welcome to my brief review of the newest (at the moment) chapter of Volume 8. I will say, before I start talking about the chapter, there will be some slight spoilers. If you’re not caught up, I suggest that you watch the chapter before reading. You have been warned.

First things first, I LOVE this chapter, it just might be one of my favorites! If there’s one thing I love, it’s when we have an episode dedicated to one of the main villains of the series. While I might not love the things she’s done up to this point, this episode has made me love Cinder’s character even more. In case the title of the chapter wasn’t a big enough clue, “Midnight” is all about Cinder Fall and what her story is. Sure, there are a few moments that give some focus on other characters, but this is Cinder’s chapter. We learn about where she came from and how it all led to who she is now. And honestly, it made me understand and pity her. It also gave us the origin of the line “without you I am nothing,” giving it more power. What makes it fill me with more pity, is that there was a small spark of light in her darkest moments. Somebody came along and showed her kindness in an attempt to lead her to a better life. However, things happened and people pushed her over the edge, destroying that chance. While I’m hoping that Cinder can gather the strength to get out of where she is now, this chapter has shown us that that ship sailed a long time ago.

Along with the writing for this chapter, I had a wonderful time just watching the animation and the new characters that were revealed. While I recognized the references for some of the characters, there are definitely a few that I’ll need to figure out. The choreography for the few action scenes was simple yet effective. The expressions in both facial and body language held an equal amount of power. Also, we got to hear, at most, three new songs, (unless all of them are part of the same song) so that will be something to look forward to when Volume 8 ends. The small moments the other characters had in this chapter had enough impact and flowed well enough that they didn’t feel forced. And the ending, oh the ending of this chapter was perfection. Whoever was in charge of writing this chapter did an amazing job. Along with the animators, the writer was able to fill the viewers with so much dread and anticipation for what to expect in the next chapter, which is what I’m still feeling.

All-in-all, as I previously stated “Midnight” has become one of my favorite chapters. Not just with what we have so far in Volume 8, but in the entire series. This was Cinder’s time to shine and she set the stage on fire. However, once we watch the next chapter this coming Saturday, we’ll be without any new chapters for a while (till about February I believe). With the way this chapter ended, I can only imagine what this Saturday will give us. To those of you that watched this episode, without giving away any spoilers, what were your thoughts on “Midnight?” As always, feel free to leave them in the comments down below, I always want to know about your opinions. Until next time, this is CuriousCat-13/Tracy Preston: signing off.

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