Etsy Feature: Pampered Pixels

Etsy has a fantastic selection of DIY items from artwork, jewelry, clothes to accessories. As I was looking on Etsy through the accessories I came across Pampered Pixels and her artwork. Her perler beads looked great and I could tell there is so much potential in her artwork. I decided to do an Etsy feature on Pampered Pixels and show everyone what she has to offer.

Andrew: Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What are your hobbies?

Natalie: Hi! My Name is Natalie AKA That One Chick You Don’t Know! I’m from Kansas City, Missouri and I’m an artist! I love drawing, doing perler crafts, doll repainting, and styling/repairing wigs.

Perler beads are unique in that they can be fused together to create patterns or artwork. These parler beads by Natalie feature Pokemon.

Andrew: What got you started in making this amazing pixel art?

Natalie: I started doing pixel art after my sister had been making perler bead items to fill out our table at cons when we didn’t have as much product. I always thought it would be great to make smaller things with them, and then the mini beads came out and I went wild! I love making all kinds of designs and I’ve started to get even more ambitious with my ideas. I’d like to branch out into offering earrings and more pins soon!

Andrew: How much is your pixel art? How are your sales from this pixel art? [I know etsy shows your sales but I just want to hear more about it. Essentially “market” it here.]

Natalie: I generally sell my pre designed keychains for $5, and custom made designs in the same style are $10 because it takes me time to perfect the simplification of the character. I’ve made a fair amount of sales through my Etsy, but it’s not consistent. I’ll get a few orders here and there through the year and I have a few loyal repeat customers that like getting custom orders from me.


Andrew: What are your next pixel art projects?

Natalie: I’d really like to recreate the stained glass window of Princess Peach from Mario 64 with the translucent beads I have. I think it would be a really cool piece and would be an interesting challenge! In addition to that I’m going to start listing some of my convention only items on my etsy. I’ve designed some pins of the crew from FNAF Security Breach, because like everyone else on the internet I’m obsessed!

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Perler creations in process.

Andrew: Do you have other art to share?

Natalie: I do! I post most of my art on my Twitter @NatalieLMoore and I draw lots of monster girls, MLP, Neopets, and video game and anime related stuff!

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Andrew: What are your favorite anime?

Natalie: My favorite anime of all time is Mob Psycho 100! I just think it’s so emotionally satisfying and the animation is a work of art! I’m very excited for the new season coming out this year (hopefully). I also have a nostalgic love for Naruto because I grew up watching it. I also love One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Andrew: Just for fun, what would your six party Pokemon consist of?

Natalie: I’m a huge fan of grass type Pokemon so I would definitely have Serperior and Leafeon. I also love sheep and rams so Wooloo and Mareep are a must. Alolan Meowth is another favorite, and then Chandelure for a bit of spooky type coverage.

Andrew: Where can we find your work?

Natalie: You can find me on Twitter where I’m most active at:

Twitter: @NatalieLMoore

Instagram: @thatonechickyoudontkno

Tumblr: @thatonechickyoudontknow

For other artwork I have for sale I also have a Redbubble

And of course Natalie’s Etsy shop is

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