5 Animation Kickstarter Projects to Support Right Now!

Love animation? Love supporting indie creators? Let’s dive into some of the most innovative and captivating animation projects on Kickstarter today that are looking for your backing. These projects are not your everyday animations; they’re pushing the boundaries of the medium and bringing unique stories to life. Here’s the scoop on what each of these projects has to offer:

Angelus Novus

“Angelus Novus” is an animator’s heartfelt project, narrating the impact of war on an artist and his wife. Set in 1914, it follows sculptor Lucas and his wife Claire, focusing on love and resilience amidst war’s trauma. This autodidactic artist’s journey, inspired by a Paul Klee painting, is brought to life through self-taught animation skills.

Godspeed: The Series

Created by Olan Rogers, “Godspeed: The Series” is a continuation of an independent animated series. After exceeding its funding goal and securing a private investor, the project expanded from a 7-minute animation to a whopping 24 minutes. It’s a venture that supports out-of-work animators, led by industry veterans like Ben Bjelajac and Rosa Tran.

Class of ’09 Anime Episode

“Class of ’09” is an anime project based on a visual novel set in a high school during 2008-2009. Known for its humor and social commentary, it plans to extend its 3-minute short into a longer anime episode, exploring the sociopathic Nicole’s senior year with an aim for high production value.

Black Sun

“Black Sun” is a space opera series based on Daniel Crux’s books, focusing on space pirates on a galactic treasure hunt. The Kickstarter aims to fund the first season of the animated series, promising a blend of space opera and adventure, brought to life by the team at Essence Cartoon.

The Legend of Coquí

This series delves into Puerto Rico’s rich history, combining historical drama with mythological elements like the Chupacabra and Coquí. It explores the island’s past from the Taino Indians to modern times, blending history with romance and sci-fi elements. The project seeks to create an immersive animated experience highlighting Puerto Rico’s enduring spirit.

These projects showcase the creativity in animation, offering beautiful stories. Supporting these Kickstarter campaigns contributes not just to bringing these visions to life, but also to enriching the animation landscape and independent creators. 

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