Creator Spotlight: David the Hooman

Four months can seem both a very long yet very short time simultaneously.  Four months ago, I was trawling through YouTube (as I do) when a video popped up in my recs. “Musician REACTS to This Life Is Mine (feat. Casey Lee Williams)”. With that song being my complete favorite from RWBY, it was an […]

An Interview with VTuber Artex!

All Age of Geek VTuber Artex

The All Ages of Geek crew interviewed VTuber Artex to learn more about his journey! 1. What made you want to start Vtubing?  I think it was a slow process, I didn’t understand Vtubing that much at the beginning. A Vtuber named Jay King followed me when I joined one of those art sharing posts […]

MAC & The Sims 4 Makeup Collaboration. Was it a Fail!?

It is no news when a makeup brand pairs up with a popular video game, we’ve seen hints about an animal crossing palette from Colourpop and even pokemon from Tonymoly. There are so many makeup brands pairing up with video games to get fans excited about their product MAC and The Sims 4 have worked […]