RWBY: An Ironwood Theory

For a while, it took me a bit to come up with a solid theory on Ironwood that didn’t sound like a crack theory, but I think I have come up with a solid one. Well, about as solid as my theory of Atlas crashing down on the people in the crater. I believe that […]

Moonshine – Comic Review

Step into the world of Moonshine, a period piece developed by Image Comics. A story that dives into the prohibition era and enters the supernatural underworld. In the countryside of 1929 Spine Ridge, West Virginia, our protagonist Lou Pirlo sets out to make the deal of the century.  Writer Brian Azzarello does an amazing job […]

Cosplay Feature: Sarelcon

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Cosplay Feature. I will feature a weekly cosplayer showing their work as well as questions about cosplaying and life in general. For my first column I introduce to you the cosplayer Sarelcon. Where are you from and what is the cosplay/geek culture like in your town? I am from Columbia, […]

Claws of the Leonin! THEROS ONE-SHOT pt. three | Dice Sesh Ep 08

In this episode of Dice Sesh, Lava leads the party of misfits from Akros out into the wilderness, where they get to know each other by playing some games, pulling some pranks… and fighting off a band of leonin raiders! How will our heroes prevail against such odds? Perhaps a little divine intervention is needed […]

Best Single-Player Games on PS4 & Xbox One

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are finally here. The upcoming weeks will offer a glimpse into the future of gaming. This also means that the games that highlighted the current generation of consoles will soon be considered retro. Before you dive into the world of next-gen, here are 15 single-player games to play […]

Tokusatsu 101: Seasons of the Heisei Era – Part 2

Greetings, geeks of all ages! I am your guide through the wonderful world of Tokusatsu, Zach J., TD. (not a real doctor). Last we left off, I gave simple summaries on the first ten seasons of the Heisei era as well as personal thoughts and ratings. This time, I’ll be continuing with the synopses and […]

RWBY Volume 8 Reaction Chapter 1

Join us for Weekly RWBY Reactions At All Ages of Geek host Katya Stec reacts and commentates to the hit Rooster Teeth series RWBY. Join her every week on All Ages of Geek as she explores the World of Remnant with Team RWBY! And if you want reviews and reactions for Early Access be sure […]