Rebecca Black Drops ‘Friday’ 10 Year Anniversary Remix With Big Freedia, 3OH!3, Dorian Electra, 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady

2011 — The original Friday music video releases (through an exploitative label we won’t name). The video is awkward and silly, and the internet is incredibly mean about it.

*Anime Time-skip.*

A bunch of people submit to liking the song “ironically.”

Then, true irony hits— ~liking things “ironically”~ becomes the new meta, and now you just genuinely love Friday. So, everyone was pointlessly mean to a child whose deepest crime was wanting to make a pop record. The same mean assholes are probably writing articles like this one about how Friday was ahead of its time.

Given Black’s online/career narrative and proliferation of hyperpop, and heavily affected vocals — a collaboration between Black, Big Freedia, Dorian Electra, and 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady is a brilliant fit. The Dylan Brady-produced remix feels like a reclamation of the track, a triumph over assholery. I’d definitely sub out 3OH!3, and get in Lil Mariko and 645AR, but it’s cool.

I’m excited to see Rebecca Black in this environment of artists. I hope she thrives.

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