What happens when a guy and a girl have been best friends all their lives? Would you be able to look at them differently? 


Tomo is a tomboy who couldn’t have picked a more awkward high school crush because it’s on her childhood friend, Junichiro. He only sees her as one of the guys. After confessing that she loves him, Junichiro mistakes it for loving her friends, and as a result, she begins to ask her girl best friend Misuzu for advice. 

Tomo begins to navigate and learn how to be more “girly” despite her tomboy personality. She begins to dress way outside of her comfort zone. She learns how to act “girly” despite her loud, outgoing personality. All to make Junichiro see her as a girl. 

Through the help of Misuzu and Carol, they begin to drill into Junichiro’s head that Tomo is in fact a girl. Junichiro begins to question his feelings for her and wonders whether he likes her as a friend or as a girl. 

After the school play, Junichiro asks Tomo to be his dance partner. On the way walking back home, he confesses that he loves Tomo, and out of total shock, Tomo runs away. Junichiro wonders if he’s been rejected. 

The next day, Tomo confronts Junichiro about his feelings and asks if this means their friendship will end. To show her what their relationship means to him, he challenges her to race up a set of stairs to a shrine. Despite being in a relationship he still wants her to be his rival, best friend, and now lover. 

While they both mutually feel the same way about each other, Junichiro is faced with another task before he officially asks her to be his girlfriend. After confessing, he told Tomo’s parents and Tomo’s dad challenges him to a fight. If Jun wins, he can date Tomo. If Jun loses, he will leave out of Tomo’s life. 

Eventually, Jun is able to gather enough strength and through the help of Tomo’s mom, Tomo and Jun are able to date. They end with a kiss and compete to see who can make the other person’s heart race more. 


The beginning of the anime was a bit slow for my liking, but I understand that it was necessary for the storyline. It’s fun to see how much Tomo is willing to change herself to get Jun to see her differently. 

Her interactions with Misuzu and Carol vastly differ from her interaction with Jun. With Misuzu and Carol, she is tamer while with Jun she is willing to punch and fight him any chance she has. 

Overall, it’s a refreshing anime to watch. Despite it being a high school love story, it’s nice to see how the female lead isn’t overly girly. 

Still has the same impact, but the “bro” dynamic between Tomo and Jun is something that isn’t as common. 

Tomo-chan is a girl – 7.3/10