Halloween Games You Need To Check Out!

by: Tussii Stauffer

With Halloween just around the corner, this list of spooky and downright chilling games can really get you into the holiday spirit. Note that many of these games are free for download, but a few of them might not be! Without further ado, let’s get our creep on. 

FAITH by Airdorf Games

10. Burger & FRIGHTS 

In this game by Donitz, you’re going for a late night burger, traveling back home with your snack on your trusty bicycle. This game can be played both in browser and in a download. I won’t give away what happens to the player character, but it is downright chilling. 


Have you ever wanted to be commanded by Kermit the Frog to rid your house of the Devil? Well, have I ever got the game for you! Lenitz_1 doesn’t disappoint in this thrilling horror title. This game can only be played by download.

8. Butcher Valley

When your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a lovely family of four is willing to help you get back on the road. Papeero’s game will make you think twice about who you ask for help in the future for sure! This game can be played by download only.

7. Bloodwash 

Just another late night trip to the nearest laundromat, where nothing horrible happens, just trust me. This game costs about 8 USD but it is worth it for how expansive and rich the storyline and characters are, complete with voice acting! TORTURE STAR VIDEO’s debut game pulls all its punches. Trigger warning for: blood and lots of it.

6. Andy’s Apple Farm 

Don’t be fooled by the cutesy, retro style of this game – it can be very creepy when it wants to be! This game can be played by download only. It also contains flashing lights, so be wary when playing. M36Games knows how to build an atmosphere for sure. 


In this ATARI styled horror game, you are a priest with a mission: to exorcise evil when you see it. This was one of the more popular games, so it’s older, but still great. I can’t wait to see the 3rd installation! Airdorf games never disappoints. This game can be played by download only.


The worst job interview of your life. Impostersyndrome’s game will make you wonder if you really went to a job interview or straight to Hell.  This game can be played by download only. 

3. Death Flush

It’s a game about a haunted toilet! Expect crude humor and a little bit of on-the-nose satire about horror games. Impostersyndrome strikes again with their eerie gameplay! This game can be played by download only.

2. How To Make A Cup of Tea

This game is about making the perfect cup of tea. Linky’s game is both cute – and creepy. How can one cup of tea possibly go wrong? Well, dive in and find out.  It can be played both in browser and by downloading. 


Walk through an emptied out house and learn something new about its anatomy. It costs 2.99 USD to download, but Kitty Horrorshow never disappoints in their atmosphere building. This game can be played by download only, and it is best experienced in the middle of the night with headphones on. 

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Tussii Stauffer is a contributing writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow her on Twitter @tastauffer & on Facebook at Tussii Stauffer.

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