Exploring Pudgy Penguins Series 2: A Conversation with Omer Dekel, CEO of PMI Kid’s World

In our recent conversation with Omer Dekel, CEO of PMI Kid’s World, we delved into the latest release, Pudgy Penguins Series 2. Let’s explore what makes these collectibles stand out in the market.

How did the idea for Pudgy Penguins come about, and what made you decide to bring them to life as physical collectibles?

I was actually introduced to Luca Netz, the CEO of Pudgy Penguins during the pandemic! We knew how popular the Web3 content was and knew it would easily translate into product! We also really loved the messaging of positivity and the adorable look the penguins had. Over the years, PMI has made a name for ourselves by taking digital products (video games, mobile apps, etc) and using them to create authentic physical experiences for consumers…so Pudgy Penguins felt like a natural fit.  Whether it’s plush, collectibles, figures, or more, we’ve been able to take the digital realm and bring it to life! 

What do you think is the secret behind Pudgy Penguins’ enduring popularity among fans, both online and offline?

At the heart of the brand, Pudgy Penguins aims to change the world through uplifting content, cute characters, and memorable experiences. In addition to the Pudgy Penguins toy line, Pudgy Penguins fans around the world continue to celebrate the brand’s positivity and mental health awareness through new content, animations, digital experiences, and toys for everyone to enjoy. This growing community has over 1B shared GIF’s that are adorable and uplifting. This is the type of content people need!

    Can you tell us about some of the new features and additions fans can expect in Series 2 of the Pudgy Penguins collectibles?

    The new Penguin characters and their accessories are adorable, and we’ve given the super popular igloo capsules a makeover! One of the figures even has a GOLDEN electro plated fish on it’s head- I think this will be a fan-favorite. But personally, I don’t think I could pick just one thing as they all have a special place in my heart!

    How does PMI Kids’ World foster creativity and community within the Pudgy Penguins brand?

    We continue to innovate and give fans more ways to collect, interact with and show their fandom for the brand. Our products have certificates and redeemable codes that take consumers back online to engage with the brand even more by unlocking and interacting with digital items on PudgyWorld.com! It’s a full Pudgy Penguins loop! Digital, product, online and back! It ticks so many boxes that fans look for… cool, cute, trendy all in one.

      What sets Pudgy Penguins apart from other collectible lines in terms of design and appeal?

      We take such pride in accurately creating all of our toy lines so they match the IP perfectly. Whether it’s figures, plush, blind capsules we have a strong eye for detail to make sure clothing, accessories, facial expressions, hair, etc are spot on! Depending on which licensor we are working with this process varies in time but the most important thing is to get it right for the fans! For Pudgy, we also really wanted to have a way for the product to go back to the IP to create an endless loop. Our products have authentic certificates and redeemable codes to take you back into the Pudgy world!

      How do you ensure that Pudgy Penguins cater to a diverse range of collectors, from casual fans to dedicated enthusiasts?

      This can be challenging but it’s why we went with a broad toy line to start! We have various plush sizes, capsules that are in the shape of igloos, different sizes of figures and a ton of different accessories! 

      Can you share any memorable fan reactions or experiences with Pudgy Penguins that stand out to you?

      One- the penguins are extremely adorable so even if people aren’t familiar with the NFT they gravitate towards it (which is great to see). Two- it’s all about the joy they bring people! We made our bigger debut in 2023 at a media and influencer event in NYC called “Sweet Suite”. People were running over to our booth, taking photos with the product, and interacting with a giant igloo and mascot we had onsite! It was truly magical to see kids, parents, adults and grandparents all loving the brand


      What has been the most rewarding part of bringing Pudgy Penguins to life as physical toys?

      Honestly the amount of joy and positive messaging the penguins have behind them. Everyone is facing their own struggles and battles and being able to give consumers a daily affirmation or some uplifting messaging in challenging times means the world. Hearing how people collect them and place them on their desk or change our the positivity card each day is extremely powerful!

      Looking ahead, what exciting plans or collaborations can fans expect from the Pudgy Penguins brand in the future?

      We are already working on Series 3 and collaborating with the Pudgy Penguins team on more unique ways we can take this digital realm that’s growing and continue to bring it to the people in tangible and affordable ways!

      Finally, what message or feeling do you hope collectors experience when they add Pudgy Penguins to their collection?

      We hope this adds some positivity and light into their daily routine. We also want people to know the while creating the toy line, we took pride in ensuring our line was affordable, accessible and collectible for all. Products like our collectible miniatures and clip-on plush start at $2.99 and that even gets you a digital code to enter the pudgy world which is amazing value.We have something for every fan of the licenses we work with.


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