An Interview with Amber Abby, an Amazonian Vtuber

For those who may not know you, who is Amber Abby?

Hello! I’m Amber Abby! A vtuber/variety streamer on Twitch. I was a bee but now I’m buff lol.

What made you decide to take up Vtubing?

Well I’ve been streaming on Twitch for 10 months, mostly fast paced FPS games. I finally had a debut of a 3D model. I have hands and its great! What got me into it? The pandemic lol. Honestly there seemed like there was a big boom/ rush when I started. I lost work and couldn’t see friends anymore. I was really lonely, and I saw vtubing a creative and engaging pastime. My background is the performing arts and vtubing seemed like this weird amalgamation of improve, character creation, streaming, and audience engagement.

Why did you decide on an Amazonian?

Why the Amazon design? It kinda just happened lol. I came up with the character design first, and then fit the story to it. I really enjoy physical activities and such. Being stuck inside led me to do a lot of working out at home, which I based my design on. Big and buff lol. Vtubers tend to have a core design/ aspect to them. So when thinking about it, I stuck with two ideas. Buff and bees. Why bees… I like bees lol. So with the design in mind, I tried to think of a story that would fit the character. I then remember about the Greek god Aristaeus, god of beekeeping. Then the idea of Amazons came to me. Slapped them together.

What is your favorite thing about Vtubing/Streaming?

Favorite thing? The social interactions. Talking with viewers, Making friends with other streamers. I love bringing streamers together for collab streams or working on group events. A fond memory of mind is helping my friend Hazel. She did a vtuber blind dating game and I got to help on it, so much fun!

What advice would you give people who want to be a Vtuber?

Advice? Just do it. The trouble is, steaming/ being a vtuber can have more costs associated with it vs just normally streaming. So I feel people often wait until they have everything perfect or have all their assets created first. Its an investment in your character so I understand wanting to do it right the first time. But I wanted to stream right away so I got drawing and streamed with a 2D image of myself for 10 months. Then just last Saturday I started using a 3D model. So by waiting for everything, you could lose out on chances to stream or make new friends, or just getting used to being a vtuber.

Amber Abby’s Twitch

Amber Abby’s Twitter

An Interview With Vtuber Takahata 101

Vtubers are transforming online culture in a positive light. More and more people are now able to make videos on Youtube, stream on Twitch, and so on because they do not have to face the fear of being seen on camera. Not everyone has the ability to stream, however, Vtubing is making it easier for everyone to be a part of streaming. With the rise of Vtubers we are seeing more and more unique avatars streaming on online platforms. “A virtual YouTuber or VTuber is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics. A growing trend that originated in Japan in the mid-2010s, a majority of VTubers are Japanese-speaking YouTubers or live streamers who use anime-inspired avatar designs.”

I came across Takahata on Twitter and absolutely loved the concept of his Vtuber. So, I decided to reach out and hear more about his story. Takahata is Vtuber who bartends, a Twitch ambassador, and an all-around kind soul. In this interview I asked Takahata how he got into Vtubing, What inspired him to have the bar theme, the advice he has for other male Vtubers, and his plans for 2021.

Listening to Takahata’s story is very inspirational.

Takahata collaborates with other Vtubers in his bar and has many entertaining streams you can see on his Twitch page! Be sure to check out all of his social media pages so you can stay in touch with all his plans for 2021!

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We Interviewed VTuber PaijeMonstre!

All Ages of Geek loves to hear the story behind the Vtuber! Today we interviewed PaijeMonstre!

1. What inspired you to start v tubing 

When I first started streaming a couple of years ago, I used face cam. And for some reason it always caused me a lot of stress. I felt like I needed to be made up all the time and look a certain way in order to stream. It took a toll on my mental health and it sucked because I loved everything else about streaming so much. But then this past year I really fell into the VTuber rabbit hole. And when I realized it was something feasible for me, it just clicked. I think I was kind of always meant to be a vtuber, I just didn’t know it at first. 

2. How did you come up with your design?

Oh man. Well, my “aesthetic” as a streamer has almost always been sort of this pastel kawaii punk vibe with monsters/kaiju. And I wanted to keep that. It just felt right. I also knew I wanted Peachy (my model) to be a thicc babe with thighs and curves. There are still not a lot of thick or plus size vtuber models out there and I knew I wanted to represent. So I became the pastel kawaii Kaiju waifu of my dreams! 

3. Plans for 2021?

2021 is a pretty ambitious year for me, I think. I plan on upgrading my model before the end of this year. I want to collab with other vtubers, maybe even some of my favorites! I also want to continue to foster a really great and inclusive community. But on the “non-vtubing” front, I am an artist and I’m currently working on a webcomic called “The Starmaker’s Daughter” that I plan to start publishing this year. Wish me luck!

4. Favorite part about streaming?

The community, by far. I fell in love with streaming because of the people. Of course not everyone is great, you get trolls and things like that. But when you build that community of people who just VIBE together, it’s beautiful. I also just love that I can make people’s days a little brighter and that I get to be a tiny part of their lives. It’s pretty neat! 

We Interviewed Vtuber TigersBun!

1. What made you start vtubing?

I’ve always been interested in vtubing before I even knew what it was. Before I started streaming, I remember checking out “Facerig” & wanting to use that instead of a live cam. When I checked how much it would cost to have a custom-made Facerig that would best represent me, it was just too much out of my budget. I started streaming two years ago using a face cam. Unfortunately, I had to deal with a lot of hate/discrimination for being a Muslim woman of colour. This added a lot of stress to my already existing medical conditions. Towards the end of 2020 I started talking to my friend who had been vtubing for quite a while. She helped me get started on this journey. Vtubing has allowed me to relax more on stream and really come out of my shell. It has helped me really learn more about who I am and what I want to be as a content creator.

2. What inspired your design?

Since I was a child, I’ve always had this idea of what the adult me would look like. I drew my inspirations from many places ie: my love of the stars, mine and my fiancee’s favorite colours, and the bunny ears are because my friends back home always called me bunny. I also wanted to represent people like me. Chubby, Curly, POC. So my model is basically me with some more colors.

3. What would you tell someone who wants to start vtubing?

If you’re thinking about it, do it. Don’t wait until you have the perfect model, assets, layout, streaming setup because that comes in time. There is a lot of great guides on youtube that will help you start. Streaming takes time and patience, it’s something you will need to get used to doing. It’s better to start streaming and develop things over time than to wait for things to be “perfect”.

4. Plans for 2021?

I would love to do more collabs with Fellow Vtubers. i want to better myself as an entertainer – specifically the way I interact with the chat. I’d also like to look into improv! since it’s all about ‘yes, and’ which basically means taking a mundane situation & turning it into something hilarious. I also have some ideas for future youtube content & maybe Patreon as well!

We Interviewed Vtuber Pigyguy!

1. What inspired you to start Vtubing?

A friend of mine actually inspired me to. She was using the avatar for her stuff with streaming and she helped me set mine up

2. How did you come up with your design?

My design is pretty simplistic. I just tried to make something that I thought looked cute. The clothing is very inspired by the metal and hardcore scenes as is the character’s lore.

3. How has Vtubing helped you?

I really think it’s helped with community interactivity. Having the character on the screen and being able to move around and just providing a face for the voice.

4. What are your plans for 2021?

I wanna do more with music on my streams. For the most part I have solely done gaming streams and I want to be able to branch that out. I also want to fix some behind the scenes things to improve my stream quality

5. What is your favorite part of Vtubing?

I love that it gives me a face and a way to be more interactive without showing my actual face or anything about me.

6. What would you tell people who want to start Vtubing?

6. Just go for it. Look up how to make the avatar, look up how to get face tracking and then just go for it. Don’t stress lore, don’t stress a debut, just jump into doing it.

Socials: https://twitch.tv/pigyguy https://twitter.com/pigyguy I am currently working on setting up a youtube for VOD archive

Swords, VTubing and Hunting Monsters?! – Interview with EN VTuber Skylar

All Ages of Geek’s VTuber Kasai reached out to VTuber Skyler and told us we HAD to write an article and interview her. As told by her Twitter Bio she is a “Sword Girl” who hunts monsters and can’t reach any shelves. Skyler is so much more than a VTuber or entertainer, her character will be telling a story as streams and videos go on. In short, she will grow with the world around her.

Skyler’s VTuber Logo Debut

1) Why did you want to become a VTuber?

It’s strange, but I wanted to become a streamer because I wanted to write. I’ve known about Vtubers for a while, but I didn’t jump into the rabbit hole until a few months ago. I spent one evening watching debut stream archives. It dawned on me, Wow, Vtubers have some interesting character concepts. It’d be interesting if one of them continued the story from their lore in real time. I kept thinking about it until I realized, Hey. I could do that. It’s one of my crazier spur-of-the-moment decisions. I’d never dreamed of being any sort of streamer or content creator. But the ideas were buzzing inside my head. It got to the point where I couldn’t NOT try. I think my fate was sealed from that moment on.

2) Any personal stories to share as a creator?

People who know me personally know that I love to create… and that I hate to share my creations. I’ve been in the habit of keeping my work to myself. I always feared not being good enough. “Someday I’ll be a good writer/artist/creator” was always at the back of my mind, and I decided to not share any of my creations until that day came. The day I joined the Vtubing scene was the day I came out of my shell. Even though my character wasn’t fully fleshed out or realized, I was so determined to become a Vtuber that I wanted to at least try to put something out there. I was amazed that people were actually interested in something I created. The first time someone remembered something from my lore, I took a moment to cry my eyes out at work. I pour a lot of myself into Skyler and her world. To think that someone would actually be invested in these creations… It was like a decade of dreaming had been realized in a single moment. 

3) Who are some of your inspirations in the VTuber Community?

YaYaNeHi, a Japanese indie Vtuber who’s been at it for years. She only recently got a spike in popularity after she was featured in a spotlight video. It’s how I discovered her, and I’m really impressed at her dedication. She carried on, despite having seemingly no success for so long. YaYaNeHi is the definition of passion. She really motivates me to push forward, even with my non-Vtuber projects. Oh, and her piano streams are just lovely. She deserves all of her viewers and many more!

4) What are your goals as a VTuber?

At some point, I want to organize a big charity event!

I would also love to see more plot-driven Vtubers in the community. I hope that my efforts may inspire someone else to tell a story or think outside the box. Admittedly, it’s not an easy project to take on. But even if it isn’t a Vtuber, I’d love to work hard enough to inspire someone.

My more ambitious dream is to start a Vtubing group that has an equally strange concept. 

5) How do you think VTubing can help creators express themselves?

It’s impossible to create a character that doesn’t have a bit of yourself poured into it. In the real world, many think too hard about their flaws and shortcomings. But when you become your Vtuber self, you tend to bring out the better parts of yourself. I, for example, have been called quiet and robotic in real life. I’m actually just shy and hesitant to be noisy around people, lest I make a bad impression. You could never tell based on the way I interact with others on Twitter. Because I masquerade as a character who totes exaggerated versions of my better features, I feel more comfortable being the chaotic meathead I actually am. It’s strange, but responding as Skyler comes more naturally to me than talking in real life. 

Aside from the social aspect, I think the creative side of Vtubing says a lot about a creator as well. Everyone has a reason for picking their character, their aesthetic, their layout, even their music and content. It’s wonderful to see such a wide variety of people in the community. Even if you don’t realize it, every aspect of your stream and character says something about who you are. I’m happy to see everyone unearthing and embracing those parts of themselves.

6) What is the inspiration behind your VTuber model?

Skyler’s design is the result of a chance encounter. It’s more common for Vtubers to commission or design their own avatars, but I actually stumbled upon Skyler’s design on Deviantart. She’s an adoptable – a character designed by an artist and put up for sale.

Back then, I wasn’t sure what kind of character I wanted for my Vtuber. But I did have some requirements. I didn’t want to look too cute since it’d clash with my chaotic personality, I wanted to have a fairly detailed design, and I needed for there to be story potential.

On that day, I was shopping around for adoptables purely out of boredom. It was late at night and I had work in the morning, so I thought it would be best to find a stopping point. Something at the back of my mind went, Look at the next 4-5 rows, maybe you’ll see something interesting? Lo and behold, that’s how I found Skyler’s design. She fit the bill perfectly! She was so well-made that I assumed some lucky buyer must have purchased her by now. Incredibly, she was still available, so I bid on the auction. I explained my dream of becoming a Vtuber to her designer, MagicalEGirl, who was more than happy to sell the design and the commercial rights to me. She’s been very supportive since then, and I feel honored to be able to have such an incredibly-crafted design. I hope that more Vtubers will consider working with the adoptables community! You may end up playing a character that you never would have come up with on your own. 

7) What is the style of your streams/videos?

Genki and hype streams aren’t for everyone. Unfortunately, I am not for everyone. I wouldn’t say that I scream 24/7… it’s more like my mind can’t flip the Off switch on the laugh button. I love to have fun and smile, so expect an easily-excitable sword girl who passes the time by talking about her world, her life as a monster hunter, and whatever strange interests she has at the moment.

Every now and then, I’ll upload story updates to my YouTube channel. The story unfolds via illustrated and fully-voiced cutscenes that are a few minutes long. Story updates could be a month to just days apart. It happens in real time, so I hope everyone will look forward to Adventure Log updates! Please also keep an eye on my Twitter for opportunities to vote on paths or help Skyler make decisions in the story. You may be able to affect some outcomes!

8) Any fun stories to share while on your VTuber journey?

It seems that the Vtubing virus plagued my roommate’s life from the moment I brought it up. He didn’t know much about Vtubers, so I had to explain some things to him. He thought it was weird that I’d ever want to become a streamer, but he’s been eagerly supporting the project. Ever since then, it seems that all the people around him have either fallen into the rabbit hole or have become Vtubers themselves. Hololive happened to do a collaboration with his favorite MMO that week (Phantasy Star Online 2), so the Vtubing virus had truly plagued his life.

I am waiting for society to reach a point where 1 in 4 people know a Vtuber. Together, we will take over the world.

9) What is some advice you can give to others in the VTuber Community?

Rehearse! Practice doing commentary while playing games. Make a list of topics and start talking about them. Pretend your friends or family members are viewers and attempt to entertain them. You might feel silly at first, but I think becoming comfortable with talking about everything and nothing is a great first step to becoming a steamer.

And don’t let numbers wear you down. It’s easy to forget about your good points and your own success when you compare yourself to others. Instead, look at how far you’ve come compared to where you were the year before. Even if you haven’t started making content yet, the fact that you have your eyes set on something is truly wonderful. The future belongs to those dreamers who were brave enough to take the first step.

10) Where can people find you online? What’s your social media?

Follow my Twitter account for production updates and swords. Mostly swords.

Subscribe to my YouTube account, my primary streaming platform and the place to find story updates in the future!

Are you a fan of streaming platforms that make you go, “man, why does she never use this?” Well have I got the link for you. My Twitch account.

We Interviewed Vtuber MinnowCandy!

1. How did you get into Vtubing?

I first got into vtubing three years ago! At the time I was just a PNG vtuber at the time and there was no proper word for it, I had my character and acted as the character I used. From there I noticed Nyanners using a model rather than doing covers and voicing over games, her and FoxyJowl are what got me into vtubing. From there I started looking for artists to commission a 3D model I had a few friends make me stand in models until I got the model I wanted, I did a Mini debut with the 3D model before I started the grind to get my current 2D model, Vtubing seemed like a fun way to act as a living breathing character that people could find comfort in

Done by McMugget on twitter

2. What inspired your design?

Minnow was actually made in the chat program IMVU haha, I used it a lot as a kid and thought why not use it to make a new OC as I lost interest in my old character, I thought a blue themed character would fit the ocean, Minnow was either going to be a Chinese dragon or a Great White Shark! Since I had always wanted a shark character I went with shark, I quickly commissioned a reference image then soon after I wanted a second outfit so I had a friend help me design an idol outfit! I thought water droplets/Seafoam would fit Minnow as she is loosely based off the little mermaid, Not only is she a great white but she’s also a siren,

3.What advice would you give to someone who wants to start Vtubing?

Try not to look at numbers! Looking at the numbers and how many viewers you have or don’t have could stress you out. Just have fun with it, also don’t feel like you need a model just start creating you don’t need a model to be a vtuber, sometimes you can do well with just having a png! One of my friends has no model he’s just a png vtuber and is now a partner on twitch! You also don’t need lore at first honestly Minnows lore is still a WIP (work in progress) you can do well with just your character After your debut you’ll see a small drop in numbers but don’t let that stop you from doing what you love, Stay humble I’ve seen some people let vtubing get to their heads and they lose sight and even ditch friends because they get full of themselves, make sure your streams and community is a safe place for all to enjoy

Done by black666z on twittter

4.What are your plans for 2021?

Honestly, I would love to hit Partner on Twitch! It’s been a dream of mine for years, since I started in fact. It’s hard work and I find myself struggling between vtubing and my real job but with enough hard work I know I can do it! I would also have a redebut with a model that has a new outfit or two. There was things left out of my first debut that I wish I could have included in my first debut, I would love to save enough to get a Christmas outfit as well, I want to be able to do more collabs and met opther vtubers in person, which thankfully I’ll be meeting up with another vtuber in June. My main goal is to reach partner by the end of 2021

Thumbnail done by: Teledio070 on Skeb

We Interviewed Vtuber Minori!

1.What inspired you to start Vtubing?

I always thought the models were super cute and I thought my character would be perfect to do it with! My friends said I would be pretty good at it, as well!

2. How did you come up with your character design?

Minori started off as a MOBA based character with extensive lore and abilities I made up. I love her design so much it was a no brainer to make her my vtuber persona!

3. What advice would you give others who want to start vtubing?

My advice for others is.. if you want to break into this community but not sure if you will be popular or anything, do it regardless! Its all for fun and if people see you are having fun, you will get a following. Using vtuber tags doesn’t hurt either.

4. What are your plans for 2021?

My plans for 2021… build up my following a bit more, and have a smooth debut!! I want to get streaming soon so I can interact verbally with my followers!!

Interview with VTuber Liz – Laziest Isekai VTuber?!

Meet Liz! An upcoming VTuber who is going to be known as an office lady who suddenly sent into an Isekai world of anime. She has so many ideas in store for you along with some personal stories to share about being an AMV Creator before jumping into the rabbit hole of VTubing!

1) Why did you want to become a VTuber?

I always enjoyed making people laugh, whether they’re friends, family, or someone I just met recently, so that right there is a big part of it. I’ve also really, really wanted to start streaming games for years at this point, especially ones I love that lots of people might’ve never heard of. Buuut I wasn’t a fan of the idea that I might need to put my face out there, since I can sometimes be super expressive and go silent a lot while making exaggerated faces, but didn’t want to have my appearance in the back of my mind the whole time.

I remembered seeing Kizuna AI blow up on YouTube for a while, but thought that was just all company-backed stuff and nothing obtainable for me. Cool tech, but that’s about it. I figured maybe streaming just wasn’t for me…then I saw a video of a shrine maiden playing GTA. Then a white fox girl singing Scatman. Then a girl trying and failing to be cute while playing a difficult Mario fangame. And down the rabbit hole I went and have been for a few years now.

Then when I started seeing indie VTubers pop up, I knew it was something within my reach and a way to finally do what I’ve been wanting to do without making myself uncomfortable in the process. So! VTuber it is.

Being a (hopefully) funny, expressive anime lady that people can relax and unwind to sounded like a good time for everyone involved.

2) Any personal stories to share as a creator?

Hmmm … Well, back when I was a lot younger, I used to be part of the AMV (anime music video) scene! I don’t think I have any personal stories specifically to share about it, but I will say being part of that while it was nearing it’s height was a powerful lesson in never giving up if you wanna be seen. It’s gonna be rough, and it’ll feel like more popular creators are taking all the limelight you could’ve had, but that’s not true at all. Everyone started from the bottom and had to climb up from it, and you can absolutely do it too! Cheesy, I know, but it really is true.

Now none of my AMVs got to be super popular, but whenever I really tried hard, I was usually rewarded for it with more views on my videos! I have to wonder where I would’ve been if I didn’t get frustrated with it and give up, so I say to whoever reads this to not be like me I guess! Don’t give up just because it feels frustrating! If you really wanna create, keep creating and trying hard!

3) Who are some of your inspirations in the VTuber Community?

Oh gosh, um. Nyanners is one big one. She’s not afraid to say absolutely ridiculous things and be herself, and I love that. There’s also Nerine, who I used to follow before she even started being a Vtuber – I’m very proud of how she’s rebuilt herself in a way that makes her happier! In terms of even bigger Vtubers, I’d have to say Calliope Mori, Houshou Marine … Especially Marine. Lots of people only focus on Marine being lewd, but her stories of her life working at an office really hit home for someone my age. She can be incredibly relatable sometimes.

4) What are your goals as a VTuber?

“Give people a cozy place to laugh and relax” is the number one thing. That’s a big part of why I watch a lot of VTubers now, and I have no doubt that’s the same reason for a lot of other people. I also want to spread awareness of other amazing games that it really feels like no one has even heard of! Most people don’t know who Falcom is, let alone the Ys series! Then there’s so many visual novels that tell amazing stories, indie games with high reviews but so few purchases … So I wanna encourage people to try games that may be outside of their usual sphere. Some might be even cheaper than games they usually get!

Finally, I want to help people out with tech setup. I’m an IT person myself, built my own desktop and will be building a new one once I get all the parts together, and I’d be happy to help people out with gaining better understanding of PC hardware. It’s not as scary as some might think! … Oh and uh affiliate at the end of the year, of course. And 500 subs on Youtube! Gotta have some personal goals for myself too and all that.

5) How do you think VTubing can help creators express themselves?

That’s surprisingly hard to answer, honestly! I feel like, being a VTuber helps you get past the initial shyness that putting yourself out there physically would normally bring. You don’t need to worry about whether your hair is doing that dumb thing it does sometimes, or if you’ve got crumbs on your face while you’re snacking, or what people think of your shirt – you have your avatar! You can focus less on what people might see of your appearance and more on being yourself – or your idealized self, or acting out a role, whatever it is.

People can also express themselves through the art and appearance of their avatar, in ways that might be otherwise impossible or unreachable for them at the moment. They can fully be themselves, in whatever way that means for them!

6) What is the inspiration behind your VTuber model?

My model isn’t completely finished just yet, but I really wanted to go with the theme of “completely normal anime nerd office lady ends up in an Isekai” and have an evolving story from there. Right now, she’s still staying behind doors, not exploring around or wearing anything special aside from cozy lounge clothes. What will happen next? How will her appearance, clothes, and maybe even abilities change and grow from here? Will she actually become an Isekai protag VTuber, or stick to being a side character? It all depends on a bunch of things, including how chatting with viewers and the like goes!

All in all it’s really exciting for me and I hope others will be excited too once I start streaming! The pink hair though … That’s just because I work a job where I can’t have that, and I’m a little too self-conscious at my age to dye my hair, haha. I’m not THAT old, but y’know …

7) What is the style of your streams/videos?

Since I haven’t started just yet, I’ll give an approximation of what I’m aiming for: Cozy. I’m not “seiso”, so to speak, but I’m not quite lewd either. I make dumb jokes that are lewd, and my model will indeed have some rather large honkerdonkeroos, but that won’t be my focus or style really. So! Cozy in-between, where I try to be as wholesome as I can manage before I accidentally drop a bunch of swears and make cheesy “that’s what she said!!” jokes and one-liners.

And uh, I guess for general things, I’ll be streaming a lot of JRPGs, rhythm games, and games so old you used to need to boot them up via floppy disc. Also cozy story time chats, tech chats, the occasional lore update streams where people can influence where things go next for me lore-wise … I’ve got a lot of ideas.

8) Any fun stories to share while on your VTuber journey?

Unfortunately not really. I mean, I found out I haven’t done a test stream since 2016, but that’s not too fun I think. And saying “My followers here are more than any other social media I have!” sounds a tad sad, even if it doesn’t make me sad at all. The community has been incredibly welcoming and sweet to me, so why would I be? So less fun stories and more little factoids I guess.

Oh, well, getting interviewed is a fun thing to have happen to you, so there’s this right here and now!

9) What is some advice you can give to others in the VTuber Community?

I accidentally ended up answering this way earlier, whoops. But since I’m new to actually involving myself in this community, I have to say the biggest thing is not being afraid to reach out! If you’re still too shy to comment or DM someone, like I can be sometimes for a lot of reasons, you can like posts or follow people in the community instead.

There’s always a way to involve yourself in this community, even if you’re very shy or anxious. It can be hard for those of us who are, but just know whether you take off overnight or have slow growth, you’re a valuable member of the VTuber community and we’re all proud of how far you’ve gotten, okay?

10) Where can people find you online? What’s your social media?

I’m largely on Twitter, but I’ve got a Youtube and Twitch account! All of these are still being fixed up still, sorry for the scuffed mess!


Interview with Vtuber Toacoco!

We interviewed Toacoco all about their Vtuber Journey! Check it out!

1. What inspired you to start Vtubing?

I’ve always loved playing video games, and sharing the experience makes it so much more fun! I’ve watched streamers for a long time now, but seeing Vtubers for the first time lit a sparkle in my eyes. I was drawn in by the anonymity mixed with the personal interaction with viewers that Vtubing allows!

2. How did you come up with your design?

My design is based off of one of my cats. I’m a long time cat lover, and calicos are especially cute. The kitty I’m based on is super friendly and funny- traits that I want to have in my streaming!

3. How has Vtubing helped you?

3. Vtubing has definitely helped me open up socially! I’m naturally very shy, both in person and online, but this community is so caring and kind it’s helped me grow as a person. Also, it’s taught me a lot of new skills, like live2d rigging and filling dead air by talking!

4. What are your plans for 2021?

4. For 2021, I’m hoping to get a solid schedule so I can stream at least 3 times a week, maybe more! I just want to share more games and fun moments with anyone who hops by my streams!

5. What is your favorite part of Vtubing?

5. My favorite part of Vtubing is interacting with others- both audience members and fellow Vtubers! I feel like the Vtuber community is all attached one way or another, since most of us are mutuals of each other’s mutuals or share audience members and, of course, mutual interests! If you look in the right places, it’s a very positive, uplifting community!

6. What would you tell people who want to start Vtubing?

If you want to start Vtubing, start streaming! Even if you don’t have a model yet, or your pc is not quite built for streaming, if you’re having fun on stream and interacting with other streamers, you’ll train your skills and attract people with your content and personality! As with anything, it’s hard work and practice, but it pays off, especially if you keep a good attitude! My socials are @itstoacoco on twitter, and @Toacoco on twitch!