We Interviewed Voice & Screen Actor Logan Raposo!

All Ages of Geek Logan Raposo

My name is Logan Raposo. I’m a SAG-E, non-binary on screen/voice actor who’s been acting professionally since 2014/15. I studied under Professor Rylan Brenner and Professor Patricia Thomas at Bristol Community College with my Theatre Degree and later I studied under my private coach Tim Hillman who was formerly a theatre professor at UCLA. I’ve […]

We Interviewed Voice Actor Robert Jackson!

Robert Jackson Voice Actor Interview on All Ages of Geek

Hi! My name is Robert Jackson. I’m a voice actor based in Los Angeles. I’m happy to answer any questions pertaining to voice over. Let’s get started! 1. What inspired you to become a voice actor? It was something I’ve always had a fascination for since I was 5. Being surrounded with VHS tapes and […]

How to Participate in Pride Month Reading Event (PRME)

All Ages of Geek Pride Month Reading Event PRME

Pride Month Reading Event highlights books with LGBTQIA+ characters all year round, with a focus on June Pride Month. Readers and allies in the LGBTQIA+ community are always looking for their next read and creating an event and place where they can find independently published and traditionally published books will streamline this. Events just add to […]

“Prism World” Kickstarter – Interview with Moe Fosse

All Ages of Geek Prism World

Welcome to our interview with the talented creator behind Prism World Moe Fosse, a captivating webcomic that combines art, science, and a touch of fantasy. In this unique story, the protagonist embarks on a journey to find her missing fiancé in a world where art is banned. Join us as we delve into the inspiration […]

Interview with Voice Actor Kyle Snyder

All Ages of Geek Voice Actor Kyle Snyder

From his upbringing in BC, Canada, to his diverse background in construction, psychology, and music, Kyle Snyder has followed a unique path to become a voice over artist. His journey has been shaped by various experiences and skills that have contributed to his success in the industry. In this interview, we delve into how his […]

“JETX” Tapas Comic – Interview with Zak Elliott

All Ages of Geek JETX Tapas

Today, we’re thrilled to have a special guest, a creator who brings an eclectic mix of storytelling and visual artistry to life. Zak Elliot creator of JETX! Let’s dive into the creative mind, the struggles, the inspiration, and the vision that fuel the fire of this passionate artist. Join us as we explore their world, […]

“Space Pirate” Interview with Crystal Rook – Tapas Comics

All Ages of Geek Space Pirate

Welcome aboard, fellow adventurers! Prepare to set sail into the captivating world of creativity with today’s Creator Spotlight featuring Crystal Rook creator of “Space Pirate”. Join us as we delve into the artistic universe of an incredible individual who has taken the plunge into the vast realms of storytelling. From drawing inspiration to battling challenges, […]

Bocchi The Rock Review

Hello everyone MinaRose2023 here with another short summary of an anime I just watched. Bocchi The Rock. At first Bocchi says she suffers from anxiety and introverted. She later makes a friend while walking home from school. The friend takes her to her sister’s band venue.  Bocchi meets Ryo there and later makes friends with […]