Explore the Unique Visual Novel: Monochrome Pixels!

If you’re into visual novels, you’ve got to check out “Monochrome Pixels.” Dive into the world of Diana, a senior game designer at Mad Lobster Interactive, who faces off against a tough boss and her own personal challenges every day. The game isn’t just about the drama; it’s visually stunning, too, with a unique art […]

Celebrate & Win: Doki Doki Dollmaker’s 1st Anniversary Bash!

Happy 1st Birthday to the beloved BL visual novel, “Doki Doki Dollmaker“! To celebrate, they’re offering a special 15% discount all week long. Dive into a world of heartfelt stories and charming characters that’s sure to capture your heart. They’re also giving you a chance to win some cool stuff! Like and share their post […]

The Epic Saga of the New Jersey Devils

The Epic Saga of the New Jersey Devils Thumbnail

In the vast and storied universe of sports, where legends are born and tales of glory are told, there exists a team whose journey rivals that of any epic quest you’d find in the pages of a comic book or the scenes of a blockbuster movie. Enter the New Jersey Devils, a hockey team not […]