How GlobalComix’s Stance on Censorship Could Eclipse WEBTOON in the Indie Scene

Hey, free thinkers and comic lovers! Let’s chew on a thought that’s got the indie comic world buzzing: the heavy hand of censorship over at WEBTOON. It’s like they’re the helicopter parent at a rave, only letting the VIPs – the WEBTOON Originals – drop it like it’s hot, while indie comics are left doing […]

Rock & Roll Steampunk Fair 2024: A Fusion of Music, Fashion, and New Jersey Fun!

Get ready to step into a world of imagination and creativity at the Rock & Roll Steampunk Fair 2024! Returning for its fourth year on May 4th, 2024, this free event in Downtown Washington Borough, NJ promises a full day of excitement, entertainment, and steampunk flair. A Day of Festivities Supporting Community and Creativity The […]

Exclusive Chat with the Minds Behind ‘Disaster Golf’!

We had the pleasure of interviewing the team at Hippo Havoc. Also known as the creators of Disaster Golf. Check out our podcast interview as well! What inspired the unique combination of genres in “Disaster Golf”? Can you share the main influences behind the game’s art style? What games or media influenced the development of […]

Division 5: Volume 2 a Kickstarter Comic Lovers NEED to Support!

Hey comic fans! If you are looking for a cool Kickstarter to support check out Division 5: Volume 2! If you want to learn more about the creator as well check out this interview! The Kickstarter is fully funded however there are some amazing stretch goals in line! More about the Kickstarter Division 5: Volume […]