We Interviewed Voice Actor Eliza “Zee” Andrews!

Greetings and salutations! My name is Eliza Andrews (my friends call me “Zee”) and I am a voice actor from Hertfordshire, UK! (That’s North of London for anyone who isn’t local). I am best known for my role as ‘Moonstrike’ in My Pride, ‘Bella Ruby’ in New World and currently have a few undisclosed roles […]

Strongest Tower of God Character?

‘Tower of God,’ where each floor unfurls new mysteries and formidable foes, debates often arise about the most powerful denizen within its walls. Amongst a cast of characters where each individual wields power that could easily dwarf that of an entire army, one name frequently emerges at the apex of these discussions: Phantaminum. Phantaminum is […]

“Christmas at Marisol Bay” Review: A Cozy Winter Tale

What’s up, visual novel fans? Ryder here, getting into the holiday spirit with a review of “Christmas at Marisol Bay” by LegendEx Games. This game is like a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day – warm, comforting, and just the right amount of sweet. So, let’s unwrap this festive package and see what’s […]