We Interviewed Voice Actor Jenna Rose

Hello! Pleasure to meet you! I’m Jenna Rose (she/they), a queer/nonbinary voice actor from New York. I’ve been training and working in VO for three years, and I’ve had the chance to be part of wonderful projects ranging from animation to podcasts to visual novels and more. I’ve also branched into commercial and narration work. […]

We Interviewed The Creator of Smushi Come Home!

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creator of Smushi Come Home! If you are fan explortation, adorable art and character designs, and relaxing gameplay be sure to check out the game! 1. Tell us about your games. What inspires your work? I like to create all types of games really. But my favorites […]

3 Yangyang Mobile Games to Play Right Now!

What’s up, fellow geeks! It’s Ryder here, and today we’re taking a trip into the fascinating world of Yangyang Mobile. This indie dev team from the Philippines is known for their spellbinding, story-driven games. So, if you’re looking for something fresh to dive into, you’re in the right place. I’ve got a lineup of their […]