Is Tobey Maguire The Best Spider-Man/Peter Parker?

When Tobey Maguire donned the red and blue suit in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” trilogy, he set a precedent for the superhero genre that resonates even today. His portrayal of both Spider-Man and his alter ego, Peter Parker, is often held in high esteem and for many, represents the quintessential version of the character. But is […]

4 Christmas Visual Novels to Play

Alright, fellow holiday gamers! Ryder here, ready to jingle all the way with some Christmas-themed visual novel recommendations. These games are like the perfect cup of hot cocoa on a chilly December night – cozy, sweet, and just what you need to get into the festive spirit. So, let’s unwrap these holiday gems! 1. “Renting […]

An Interview with The Angry Tech LLC | The Geekoning Podcast

Interview with The Angry Tech Guy LLC at All Ages of Geek

An Interview with The Angry Tech Guy We had a great interview with The Angry Tech Guy all about the tech industry, how he saved AAOG’s computer, and his journey. Be sure to check out everything he has going on! Check out his official WEBSITE! About The Angry Tech Guy The Angry Tech was established […]