Publisher TOKYOPOP gets readers into the holiday spirit as it highlights a selection of manga and graphic novel titles that will make especially appropriate gift ideas this holiday season for that special pop culture fan, friend or loved one.  The titles selected by TOKYOPOP’s editorial team includes CAPTAIN LASERHAWK: A BLOOD DRAGON REMIX, an original […]

We Interviewed Voice Actor Andre Grandpierre!

An interview with voice actor Andre Grandpierre

We had the pleasure of chatting with Andre Grandpierre all about voice acting all about their work! 1.What inspired you to become a voice actor? Throughout my highschool years, I had trouble finding my strengths. I felt like I was never good at anything. I one day tried the school’s Shakespeare competition, I directed and […]

Why is Tower of God Such a Great Hit? Is it Worth It To Watch?

: Exploring the popularity of Tower of God and its worth as a watch

‘Tower of God’ has garnered a substantial following for several reasons. It taps into the classic allure of a quest narrative – a protagonist with a mysterious past ascending through a tower filled with challenges, with each floor offering new trials and allies. The structure of the Tower itself is a compelling metaphor for growth […]

How Do I Play With Pokémon Cards?

guide to playing Pokémon cards with All Ages of Geek

Grab your deck, trainers, because we’re about to journey into the tall grass of playing with Pokémon cards. It’s not just about having a shiny Charizard anymore – it’s about strategy, skill, and the heart of the cards. As someone who’s spent more time in friendly Pokémon card skirmishes than Team Rocket has spent plotting […]