The Glory: Not Your Typical K-Drama

All Ages of Geek The Glory Netflix

When people think of Korean Dramas, they think of a story with an unexpected beginning and a happy ending. Most Korean dramas follow the same storyline so it can be overplayed. However, “The Glory” breaks the stereotypes of Korean dramas. Synopsis Moon Dong Eun was bullied throughout high school. She was targeted for bullying and […]

Launch of the Boys Love Universe Official YouTube Channel | Yaoi and BL Exclusive

All Ages of Geek Boys Love Universe Youtube BLU

Greetings to all enthusiasts of Boys Love and Yaoi. We present you Boys Love Universe, a unique online space dedicated to the dynamic world of Boys Love – all over on the Boys Love Universe YouTube Channel. Our mission is to offer engaging, high-quality content that delves into the diverse and impactful genre of Boys […]