Isabella Tugman Voices Flower-Chan in “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

All Ages of Geek Flower-Chan in I Married a Monster on a Hill

Voice Actor Isabella Tugman is now the official voice of Flower-Chan in the upcoming web series “I Married a Monster on a Hill”. Flower-chan is a tv show character that often pops up in the comic and visual novel. Flower-chan loves joy, flowers, and fun times! About “I Married a Monster on a Hill” Bevvy […]

“God’s Assistant” Girls Love Comic Interview with DrizDew – Tapas Comics

All Ages of Geek God's Assistant

Interview with DrizDew creator of “God’s Assistant” – All Ages of Geek Tapas Reviews Welcome back to another exciting episode of All Ages of Geek Tapas Reviews! Today, we have a special treat for you, as we sit down with the talented creator of the popular webcomic “God’s Assistant,” DrizDew. Join us as we dive […]

“My Alien Roommate” Visual Novel Interview with WholesomeWraith

All Ages of Geek My Alien Roommate Visual Novel

Welcome to another episode of our Creator Spotlight series, where we bring you the stories behind the creative minds shaping the world. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to WholesomeWraith, the talented developer behind Purple Herring Games. Hailing from Asia, WholesomeWraith has taken the indie visual novel scene by storm with their first commercial project, […]