We Interviewed Voice Actor Bradley Gareth!

All Ages of Geek Voice Actor Bradley Gareth

We had the pleasure of chatting with Bradley Gareth all about the art of being a voice actor! Hey! I’m Bradley Gareth. (Brad is fine, too, whatever you prefer!) I’m a half-Irish, half-Czech male voice over artist working out of Dallas, TX, and I’m open to working local, recording remotely, or traveling for work!​I was […]

Tapas Comic Interview with Tarraxahum Creator of “Phototaxis of a Fighter”

All Ages of Geek Phototaxis of a Fighter

Interview with Tarraxahum creator of “Phototaxis of a Fighter” – All Ages of Geek Tapas Reviews Hey there, All Ages of Geek family! It’s Ryder, here with another insightful episode of our Tapas Creator Interview series! Today, we’re fortunate to have a very talented guest with us, Tarraxahum, or Tarr for short. They are the […]