Infinity Pool Review – Sundance Film Festival

Depictions of the wealthy in fiction are something audiences have seen as of late, so sometimes it’s enjoyable to see how they are exploited into situations that can seal their fate or change them for the better. In the case of Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool, the film’s story sees this unfold through the eyes of […]

Divinity Review – Sundance Film Festival

Sci-fi films can sometimes offer the most definitive experience on screen, but sometimes they can show a concept that may be harder the grasp with an audience. The film Divinity falls on the latter as it is an example of an indie art flick that brings an unusual way of storytelling to give that weird vibe […]

Must Have App: Blast Wallpapers

When it comes to customizing your mobile device, the options are endless. From custom casesto personalized ringtones, the possibilities will never end. But one of the most simple andeffective ways to personalize your device is by changing the wallpaper. And that’s where the ArtBlast Wallpapers app comes in. This free app for iPhone offers a […]