Violent Night Review

The holidays have arrived, and studios are putting out some new films to celebrate the festive season. Along with this time of year, among this pack is the adult-rated black comedy Violent Night, an action-filled adventure that just so happens to involve Santa Claus himself as our hero. This film combines two genres well with […]

Quickleey : Great Scanning App!

Are you looking for a simple and easy to use scanning app for QR codes or barcodes?Look no further Quickleey has everything you need! This app is perfect for new andexperienced app users. But what does it do exactly? “Scan a QR code or barcode. Find products on Amazon & Ebay by product name orbarcode. […]

Tuning Review

What if you could join a global music community that also uses NFTs for a good cause? What if it was a discovery club that directly supports independent artists, uniting people and music lovers around the world? Would you join? “Tuning In NFTs was built on the foundation of independent music and discovery. Our Club […]

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode 4: A Pressing Engagement Review and Reactio

The original 1993 “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” is now able to be enjoyed with Reactions on All Ages of Geek. Relive the nostalgia, the action and the adventure with the Stec Sisters on All Ages of Geek’s YouTube Channel and Patreon, starting with Episode 4 “A Pressing Engagement”. Relive every epic adventure with two sisters […]

KidLit Interview with Illustrator Steve Brown | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

“Galaxy-Boy Delivery” is back with another Kidlit Creator Interview now featuring the awesome illustrator Steve Brown. Using humor is big in Steve’s illustrations being inspired by cartoons from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s which he says has shown up in his animated style. Working with various publishers in the UK and US, while also being […]