We Interviewed Vtuber Elliott Ambers

We had the pleasure of interviewing Elliott Ambers all about being a Vtuber! 1. What inspired you to become a Vtuber? I’ve always been on and off with the idea of becoming a streamer and there were a lot of things that made it harder for me to do so at the time. When the […]

We Interviewed Expert Designer, Logo Artist & Illustrator Liquid GTX

We has had the pleasure of chatting with Liquid GTX all about their work! SUPPORT THEM HERE 1) What made you get into creating assets for VTubers? It all started when I am taking commission on anime-themed banners on the first place. Then, on 2020 I was seeing that, vtuber industry started to grow up. […]

Ms. Marvel Review

Superhero origin stories can sometimes be a coming-of-age tale if you think about it. Spider-Man is a perfect example of a Marvel hero who started out in high school and evolved not just as a superhero, but also as a person dealing with normal teen problems and growing up. That is what we get here […]