We Interviewed Vtuber Saint Levii

We had the pleasure of interviewing Vtuber @SaintLevii_ all about their journey! 1.What inspired you to become a Vtuber? What inspired me to be a Vtuber was the fact that I didnt want to show my face to thousands of people but I wanted to share the gospel of the lord in some way that […]

Frames Per Second July 2022

https://youtu.be/dBGqM_C0awQhttps://youtu.be/3eDXFjSUniohttps://youtu.be/czwQWlnQNCg Ahoy Space Pirates, and welcome aboard the S.S. Starlight! Your Captainne, Selena Frantastic, will be touring this magical little planet called “Earth” for all things geeky in movies, TV, and more! Stay tuned for future episodes and enjoy some side quests on Instagram @fpswsf Happy Sailin’! – Starlight About Frames Per Second Your dip […]

We Interviewed Author Andrew Nance

We interviewed Andrew Nance all about his jorney of being an author. In this interview you will learn more about what inspired his work, Odd Occurrences, advice, and much more. ABOUT ANDREW NANCE I am a man with three passions. The first is storytelling, something I’ve done my entire life. However, writing fiction professionally is […]