Catch-22 Review

NFTs are slowly taking over the internet. New creators jump into the metaverse and showcasetheir work, ideas, and views. Photography, graphic art, traditional art, the possibilities of what an NFT can be are ever expanding. Today we are going to chat all about Catch-22 which was created on 22/2/22, also a Tuesday “Twosday”. This date […]

Little Captain DAO Review

NFTs are slowly taking over the internet. Each day you will see new creators join the space andshow the world their art. Digital art, photography, traditional art, the possibilities are endless!Today we are going to chat all about Little Captain DAO, their designs, what they are doing forthe virtual world, and how you can support […]

Chowder | The Tooncasters

The Tooncasters On this episode of The Tooncasters Dio chats with Chris about Chowder! About Chowder Young Chowder dreams of becoming a chef someday. He works as an apprentice to famous chef Mung Daal who is always offering Chowder advice on love and cooking. Panini also works in the kitchen and thinks Chowder is her […]

The Funeral | Theros pt. 48 | Dice Sesh Ep 53

Warning: The following episode contains graphic scenes involving the aftermath of battle and torture. Viewer discretion is advised. In case you couldn’t tell by the episode title… yeah. This one gets heavy. Arriving too late at the scene of a battle, the group begins to make preparations to lay to rest the brave soldiers who […]