1stResponsdersCommando Review

NFTs are becoming extremely popular on the internet. More and more artists and creators are joining the metaverse and showing their art to the world. Hand drawn art, digital art, photography, the possibilities are endless in the metaverse. Today we are going to chat all about the NFT collection 1stRespondersCommando and what they have in […]

Interview with DawnsPlaceYT

What do you do? I run a TTRPG blog with an accompanying YouTube video series. I call it TTRPG Tuesdays, I also have future plans for NPC creation and more! How did you get into the TTRPG community? I got into TTRPG through watching Critical Role, I learned about Critical Role from Ginny Di, who […]


In 2017, Naruto Shippuden came to an end and the anime wrapped up with Naruto getting married to Hinata. Not even a month later, Boruto gets released and up until now, it has received a lot of hate within the anime community. Check out this site for more anime posts! I get it, honestly Naruto […]