Frosty and Frigid Ideas for Your Winter Stories, Dungeons and Dragons Edition 

by: Lance Kleinman Halloween begins to fade from our minds, as do the classic tropes of vampires, zombies, and the like. And that doesn’t just apply to holiday celebrations, it also applies to storytelling. Now this is not to say that these tropes are bad, personally I use them all of the time, however now […]

Valahar Chronicles: Meet Jackdaw

Hello everyone, I’m CuriousCat-13, also known as Tracy. I’m a writer for All Ages of Geek and play Aslan the Leonin in the Theros campaign for Dice Sesh. I’m proud to announce that I will be playing a new character for Valahar Chronicles. Instead of a strong, brooding leonin that is learning to control his […]

Frames Per Second November Ahoy Space Pirates, and welcome aboard the S.S. Starlight! Your Captainne, Selena Frantastic, will be touring this magical little planet called “Earth” for all things geeky in movies, TV, and more! Stay tuned for future episodes and enjoy some side quests on Instagram @fpswsf Happy Sailin’! – Starlight About Frames Per Second Your dip […]

The Army Of Choice, Rule Of Cool Or A Personal Connection? | The Voxhammer Podcast

Ork Dork Sean and The Miniature apothecary talk about their favorite races, factions, and what motivates people in picking their favorite armies. Is it just for the rule of cool, or do people choose armies for a more personal reason? MUSIC BY: Erik-Peter Mortensen About All Ages of Warhammer Explore all things Warhammer 40K and beyond […]

Weiss Schnee | Design Desk Artist MonsterReviewGirl and RWBY fan IronQrow discuss the character of Weiss while drawing a male version of the character! About Design Desk A show that reviews and explains popular character designs to help artists improve their own. Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

Welcome to Valahar Chronicles! | Session 01

Welcome to Valahar Chronicles! In this premiere episode, Kat, Tat, Matt, Felix, and CuriousCat13 join Lava the Talespinner for a new adventure set in the realm of Valahar. The tale that they weave will be one of intrigue, adventure, friendship, and their heroic rise to glory as they face down the manifold threats the continent […]