Ascent of the Worthy! Theros pt 36 | Dice Sesh Ep 41

You know what any self-respecting hero needs? Sure, a fancy sword, a badass group of compadres to beat up baddies with, and a sick cape are staples, but more than anything, what a hero needs is a trusty mount. Let’s see if we can get one. Fresh off the heels of slaying the hydra and […]

Titans Season 3, Episode 13 Recap

Another season of Titans ends with the thirteenth episode of season 3, titled “Purple Rain,” and even though I have mixed feelings about the season overall, the finale does effectively wrap up most of its season storylines. I will do a season review and in that, I will go into more about what I liked […]

Dune Review

Adapting a prestigious sci-fi novel like Dune is no small task when trying to translate it from page to screen. Dune has had some trouble when it comes to being able to bring its complex storytelling to the big screen, especially with the condensed storytelling that we got from David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation. Director Denis Villeneuve takes on the nearly impossible task of […]