Doom Patrol Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

Season 3, Episode 6 of Doom Patrol, titled “1917 Patrol,” finally gives the origin story to the Sisterhood of Dada and reveals more about who the amnesia-ridden Laura De Mille is. The episode for the most part may be a bit of a detour, but it feels like an extremely necessary and overdue one. The […]

Torous Returns! Theros pt 35 | Dice Sesh Ep 40

After a long day and an even longer night, Torous has finally been cured! With their resident medicus back and fully operational, the group continues to journey deeper into the mountains, where an old foe waits… and the threat of a new one makes itself known. Will they fare any better now that Torous is back? Find […]

Lagoon Dragon Kai’sa Skin Showcase | League Weekly In Episode Two of the duality Dragon Marathon, we look at the brand new Kai’sa skin. Kai’sa’s new skin is all about water (not pool party) and dragons! I give my thoughts and opinions on the skin! About League Weekly League Weekly covers all things League of Legends. From news to gameplay, League Weekly […]