An Interview with Abnormal Chaos | The Geekoning Podcast

The Geekoning Podcast On this episode of the Geekoning Will interviewed Abnormal Chaos. LEARN MORE HERE About The Geekoning The Geekoning Podcast is a geek culture, unfiltered podcast related to anime, video games, geeky topics, fandoms and shenanigans. Follow the AAOG Team on their geeky adventures every week and learn more about what goes behind […]

A Look into Destiny 2’s Upcoming Expansion: The Witch Queen

Greetings fellow guardians, Tracy here with a special news update on Destiny 2. The Witch Queen, Savathun, is on her way in the upcoming expansion and she’s not alone. She’s building an army that consists of a force we couldn’t begin to imagine facing. But before we get to that, let’s look at what Bungie […]

Puchi Con Halloween Event!

With Halloween coming up a lot of us are questioning what we will be doing? Costumes? Karaoke? The options are endless! Our friends at Puchi Con will be having a Halloween event in Fort Lee New Jersey. This event will take place on October 24th. Themed Vendors, Maid Cafe, Karaoke and much more all in […]